Torch Connecticut by Veritas Cigars

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Torch Connecticut by Veritas Cigars

Torch Connecticut by Veritas Cigars

Earlier this month I received a surprise email from Chris Weber, VP and Marketing Director for Veritas Cigars. Chris was interested in having Stogie Review smoke their new Torch Lineup. A couple of days later I received a package in the mail which contained 6 Torch Connecticut and 6 Torch Habano.

Torch by Veritas Cigars is available in 5 Sizes, the biggest of which is a 7×54. The Connecticut, which I’m smoking for this Short Ashes Review, features a Nicarguan Binder, Indonesian Filler and an Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper.

One thing I find about the average Connecticut is that the focus is normally on soft and buttery flavors. While the Torch Connecticut offers those very flavors, they seem to come in behind a prominent spicy component. This makes the cigar pair up well with coffee in the morning but also gives it enough punch to smoke well in the afternoon and evening.

Construction on the Torch Connecticut has been impeccable. The draw is smooth, with just the right amount of resistance, and produces plenty of thick smoke to coat the palate. The finish has a soft and buttery quality that makes for a pleasant experience.

This was my first experience with Torch by Veritas Cigars and I must say, I’m impressed. These aren’t your run of the mill Connecticut and offer a punch and spiciness that I’ve come to enjoy any time throughout the day.

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