Cigar Safari 2014: Drew Estate II (DE-2)

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Cigar Safari 2014: Drew Estate II (DE-2)

This year Cigar Safari got rolling with a visit to the brand new Drew Estate II (DE-2) facility across the street from the original Drew Estate factory. Jonathan Drew and Nick Melillo lead the tour of the 64,000 square foot expansion that they’ve dedicated to storing, curing, sorting and aging their growing supply of tobacco. The video that follows introduces the new facility, and branches off into an animated discussion of Drew Estate’s history and relationships with Nicaraguan tobacco growers, including Nestor Plasencia, A.S.P. and Aganorsa.

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6 thoughts on “Cigar Safari 2014: Drew Estate II (DE-2)

  1. I think my favorite aspect of the video, remembering it in person, is when JD is giving his spiel on General and having enough tobacco for seven years.

    great job Brian.

  2. What a great tour and experience. Would love to be able to do that one of these days. Thanks for the great info and great video. The liga privada has been taking over my humidor from the undercrown, the T52 and no. 9 i love them cant stop smoking them. Thanks for the awesome video…

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