Nub Connecticut 464T

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Nub Connecticut 464T

Nub Connecticut 464T

A few years back I was approached by Sam Leccia (The Face behind Nub Cigars at the time) about making a Rolling Table for him to take from event to event. I was happy to help out and got together with my Dad to make a couple tables.

Part of the arrangement for making the Rolling Tables was that my father and I be provided with a few boxes of Nub Cigars. My father and I each had Sam sign a box and I buried mine in my cooler. I thought of it as a collectors item, of sorts.

I came across that signed box of Nub Connecticut 464T recently and thought it was time to break the seal and fire one up, for old times sake. While not a big fan of the Nub in a Torpedo shape, it smoked rather well.

Five years of age mellowed out my Nub Connecticut 464T considerably. The smoke went from being Mild-Medium, originally, to Mild with age. The other big change came in the way of flavors. Rather than having independent flavors that made the smoke interesting, the flavors combined into a single flavor. While not monotonous, by any means, it was much less interesting than a ‘fresh’ Nub Connecticut would have been.

As usual, construction and smokability were excellent. Despite the size, smoke time came in at a little over an hour.

One thing I’ll say about the Nub line (in general) is that they are a lot like those 100 Calorie Packs of cookies. You have one and think ‘Ya know, I could really go for another one’. Before you know it, one turns into two and you’ve and now you’ve had more than you would have if you just had the full size to begin with.

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  1. Nice Review Walt. I have had my fair share of Nubs but its been so long and I know there are none in my humi, I may have to pick some up after this review. Great job

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