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Hex 001 (600x400)

Wrapper : Select Dark Ecuadorian Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : bought at local shop

This week I take a look at the Hex cigar by Sindicato Cigars. This cigar has an interesting story as it was made by getting a group of retailers together for a single purpose, to make cigars that would stay around rather than disappear in a few months or years.


Wrapper on this Hex has a barnyard scent while the foot adds chocolate to the mix and the cold draw is just tobacco. I am smoking the toro size (6×54) for this review. Cut and light was easy and away we go.

First Third

First puffs are mainly woody with spice on the retrohale. Spice has come in more with the woody taste after a few puffs. Spice really lingers on the palate. Getting a bready type taste with a little sourness to it. Not much but a hint. Sour went away pretty quick and the woody taste joined with a sweet tasting coffee. Wood and coffee, just like first thing in the morning. Ash is holding on very well. Medium strength at best right now.

Second Third

Starts off with the woody and sweet coffee that has stayed pretty consistent since it has developed. Not a strong cigar but a lot of flavor. Burn is a little wonky but I am letting it go for now. Not a lot going on different in this third but it picked up to a solid medium. A tiny bit of bread taste coming through but mostly on the aftertaste. Nice solid cigar so far. Touched up the burn line but it is going back to wonky. Coffee is losing a bit of sweetness but the wood taste is still dominant.

Final Third

Definitely creamier at this point with the wood holding strong with the coffee in the back. Spice is still there but not at strong as it was. Sharp spice has come back with a vengeance. Creaminess has gone away in favor of the tangy spice. Even the wood has been moved to the wayside to make room for the spice. Getting a little hot at the end and it is turning it more to the bitter coffee side.


Would I buy the Hex again? Yes. I really enjoyed this size and am looking forward to trying other sizes to find my favorite. If you can find them, give them a shot.


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5 thoughts on “Hex

  1. Ooh, that wind blown hair. Sexy!

    It sounds well worth checking out, but unfortunately, my area seems to be well off the grid at this time.

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