Reunion Aperitivo

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Reunion Aperitivo

Aperitivo 010 (600x400)

Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : From blogger sampler pack sent to me

Today I take a look at the Reunion Aperitivo from Bodega Premium Blends. I am going to let the video do the flapping of the gums for the description so we will jump right into the tastes, the wonderful tastes.

First Half

Starting off this Reunion Aperitivo with dark chocolate and nutty up front and more of a roasted nut on the aftertaste. Massive flavor but very little power to start. Woody flavor comes into play after a half inch into the cigar along with a little spice. Flavors are really swapping around but haven’t changed except intensity wise here and there. Really enjoying this right now. Seems like it would be great with a milder bourbon or some wine. There is also a bit of a musty taste that keeps popping in to say hi, especially on the aftertaste. Really curious what farm the tobacco is from.

Second Half

Still mild at the halfway point of this Reunion Aperitivo with intense flavors of sweet wood, pepper, dark chocolate and nuttiness. Really a flavor bomb. Still continuing with the flavor swapping while hitting a medium body but definite full flavor. This cigar is making me hungry. My stomach is growling so it would definitely fit the before meal arena. I can always eat though. Spice is starting to tingle on the tongue while the sweet wood taste has started to show its dominance. Still have the dark chocolate in the background but can’t notice the nutty taste but for here and there. Finished about the same with great flavors!


Would I buy it again? Yes. I am still a cheap bastard (this runs around $10-$11 depending on size) but this cigar was so damn good I can see keeping some around for when I want a super flavor bomb that wont knock me on my ass from the power.

I am just me.

2 thoughts on “Reunion Aperitivo

  1. I really enjoy these. I do agree with the fact that the price is high. But I think they’re worth it, can’t beat the flavor.

  2. That’s actually a pretty decent price point. Cigars are more expensive here in Calgary so 10-11 bucks is quite cheap. I definitely have to try this one now. Out of the past cigars you’ve reviewed in the past month where would you rate this one on a scale of your best or favorites you’ve reviewed?

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