Tatuaje Fausto Lancero

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Tatuaje Fausto Lancero

La Riqueza Lancero 002 (482x600)

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano Maduro
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : bought sampler at Genuine Tobacco in Columbia, PA

Welcome to this weeks review of the Tatuaje Fausto Lancero which I got in the 10 count lancero sampler as seen in the above picture. All of these cigars are 7.5×38 and I will be doing all of them at some point.

Cold draw gave a nice bittersweet chocolate with some spice and woody tastes with not a lot on the foot or wrapper but a slight barnyard.

First Half

Starting out this Tatuaje Fausto lancero with a base woody taste along with bread and pepper. Spice is not very powerful here at the start. About an inch in and a dull cauliflower taste mixes in with the wood. Little further along and a little citrus flavor has popped up to mix with the wood and pepper. Cauliflower has died down while the spice is ramping up. At the end of the first half the spice gets a little sharper but everything else stays the same.

Second Half

Into the second half of this Tatuaje Fausto lancero with everything going great. Medium cigar all around with a great burn. Good ways into the second half and everything is staying consistent. A slight increase in the citrus is about all that has changed to this point. Hit the last inch and a half and the peppery spice sends a wake up call. Huge ramp up in the pepper that dominates everything. Full at this point but nothing overpowering just huge spicy flavors with a woody undertone and a slight hint of cauliflower.


Would I buy it again? Yep. These first two cigars could bring people around to lanceros if they all burn and taste this way. Just remember, SLOW DOWN and you will find enjoyment.


I am just me.

2 thoughts on “Tatuaje Fausto Lancero

  1. Awesome review Mike! Thank you for the review of the fausto I enjoyed it a lot. I have to get me some. Sounds amazing to me. Thanks again.

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