AJ Fernandez Pinolero Maduro Toro

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AJ Fernandez Pinolero Maduro Toro

AJ Fernandez released the Pinolero in 2012 as a more Cubanesque blend for their line up. In 2013, they released a maduro version with a special proprietary maduro wrapper grown in Nicaragua. The Toro retails for about $9.00 and the blend also comes in a robusto, churchill and torpedo.

The cigar had a good draw and excellent construction. The only issue was the flavor profile. For me, the cigar started out very earthy and bitter. As the cigar burned down, the earthiness toned down somewhat and the pepper spice increased. The bitterness remained throughout the cigar. For me, I just couldn’t get over the bitterness. Every now and then I would get a coffee note, but it was muted by the bitterness. This cigar is something I couldn’t finish. It wasn’t for me, but I’m not a fan of the original Pinolero either. For me, its a pass.


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  1. Gotta agree. While I have not tried the maduro, I have been very disappointed with Pinolero in general. Far from AJ’s best.

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