Week In Smoke No. 8 – Bayou Edition

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Week In Smoke No. 8 – Bayou Edition

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with plenty of good smokes.  Nothing follows a great meal better than a nice cigar.  Luckily, I had a good bit of down time and didn’t have to do as much cooking as I normally do this Thanksgiving thanks to my family.  That means more time for cigars and bourbon.  Here are a few I enjoyed over the week.

CLE Connecticut

CLE Conn robusto

This is becoming one of my go to Connecticuts along with the EPC New Wave Connecticut and Room 101 Connecticut.  Great flavor with some nuttiness and spice and a underlying creaminess.  Perfect any time of day as it has a medium body to it.  Really been reaching for these a lot lately.

Four Kick Robusto Extra

Four Kicks robusto extra

Crowned Head Four Kicks is a staple cigar for me.  I’m never without them.  I was at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi when I customer came in and wanted to try something they haven’t had before.  Naturally, I pointed these out because they have great flavor and a mild-medium body so pretty much anyone can enjoy them.  They had three robusto extras left in which he grab one and I grabbed the other two.  I prefer the robusto in this line, but these are pretty good as well.  More of a toned down robusto, but very tasty never the less.

Nat Sherman 1930 Gran Robusto

Nat Sherman 1930 robusto

The 1930 was the first Nat Sherman I ever smoked.  I just thought Nat Shermans were too mild for my taste from what I heard about them.  That was a mistake because they are some damn tasty cigars.  The 1930 is their more full bodied cigar with notes of hickory, pepper, cocoa, leather and slight creaminess.  Really love this size in the line as well.  Nat Sherman has a real winner with this one.

Senor Rio Diamante

Senor Rio Diamante

I just got these from Senor Rio to do a full review which you will be seeing pretty soon in the future.  These were originally made for women cigar smoker, but, why?  They are in a small corona format and have a flavor profile that is very creamy.  These would go great with your morning coffee.  Check these out, especially if you are a mild cigar smoker.


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