Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Tiff

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Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Tiff

Pudgy Frank 001 (600x400)

Source : Gifted from Todd and Rick

Coming to a close of the Pudgy series this week with the Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Tiff from the Pudgy set Pete released. This set was a gift from Todd and Rick.


Starting out with a great volume of smoke and a good bit of flavor coming through from this Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Tiff. Getting some wood, bread, spice with definite pepper and a slight sweetness. Very interesting tastes up front. Has a little heft to it but still a low medium. Flavors are very nicely melded together. Really enjoying this Tiff so far. Flavors stayed consistent through the end with it getting a little rough towards the nub but it was not anything foul at all. Really a nice low medium cigar.


Would I buy it again? Yes. I really wish this was available outside the pudgy box.


I am just me.

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