Nica Puro Diamond Rough Cut

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Nica Puro Diamond Rough Cut

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This week I have the Nica Puro Diamond Rough Cut which is the regular Nica Puro with an extra leaf in the filler and smooshed into a diamond shape.

Starting out this Nica Puro Diamond Rough Cut with a real woody base with a sort of a punch of spice mainly on the aftertaste at the back of the tongue. Little more strength than I remember the regular nica puro having. Halfway is giving some dark coffee with the wood and a smidge of creaminess. Not a lot going on but that is like the regular Nica Puro. Does seem a bit stronger the the regular line so far but we will see how it finishes. Canoeing and relights got to two each while smoking this cigar and just irked me. Ended a little rough (HAH) and not much else to talk about other than what I said before. Really not much happening here. I am glad they still have the regular Nica Puro releases as this one is not in my wheelhouse.


Would I buy it again? No. I will reach for the regular Nica Puro line but I am not a fan of these Nica Puro Diamond Rough Cut cigars at all.

I am just me.

One thought on “Nica Puro Diamond Rough Cut

  1. Looks interesting. Normally a little burn issues don’t bother me at all but that’s more than just a little. if you were to buy it again would it be better to chop it up into tiny pieces and smoke it from a pipe. Might sell more with big issues like that. Word of mouth spreads and only takes 1terriaki bad review and from this video sounds like it had two.
    Thanks for the review and Steelers suck bro. Just sayin’ hahahahaha

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