Perdomo Double Aged Maduro 12 Year

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Perdomo Double Aged Maduro 12 Year

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Simple writeup this week as it has been crazy busy around these here parts. This week I will finish up the Perdomo 12 Year triple play with the Perdomo Double Aged maduro 12 year cigar. This was around $10 msrp and is the robusto (even though it seemed bigger to me for some reason).

Starts out with a nice cocoa/chocolate taste and a little pepper. Base flavor is woody and the smoke is hearty, rather than being real creamy it has some weight to it. Cigar lost some of the pepper as the first half was left in the rearview mirror but kept the chocolate/cocoa with a little more of the base wood coming through. Very nice sweetness in this cigar. Rounding it out with the same flavor profile but adding a tiny bit more pepper and wood rather than cocoa/chocolate at the end. Sweetness is there a little but not a ton. Pretty simple cigar. Relaxing is the key word for this cigar. I have been rushed ever since we got back from vacation with everything that happened around here and even though I ran to the cigar shop towards evening to review this stick, it relaxed me very nicely.

I can’t wait till this weather breaks and stays in the 70’s-100’s!

Would I buy it again? Yes. It was a very relaxing cigar with a great chocolate flavor that persisted throughout.

I am just me.

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  1. This is my favorite cigar. Does any other cigar company have anything that compares or is similar to Perdomo Double Aged maduro 12 year cigar

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