My Father Cigars Connecticut bundle cigar

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My Father Cigars Connecticut bundle cigar

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Very short write up this week on the My Father Cigars Connecticut Bundle Cigar as my neck is hurting pretty bad and my phone never saved my memo/notes. Found these at my local shop for $60 a bundle of 20 cigars. I could not say no to a $3 stick that I am almost 100% sure is from My Father cigars factory but without having any documentation I can not be totally sure. I am certain enough that I put their name on it though…a MF on the sale sticker made me get close enough to certainty to name it thus.

This My Father Cigars Connecticut Bundle Cigar starts out with a very nutty taste and a small amount of peppery spice. I know, the opposite is usually true with a My Father cigar but the pepper was pretty low at the start. There was a nice sweetness that emerged very soon after lighting also. Those flavors stayed the same throughout the cigar with slight increases and decreases in the peppery/spice. Only burn problems I had were a little canoeing that would correct itself if you are patient and towards the end it needed a lot more attention to keep it lit, or else you would have to put some flame to it. Mild from foot to head.

Would I buy it again? YES, YES, YES, YES…..I was going to put 1,000 of them in but I really do hurt bad right now. For a $3 cigar that had good construction and a nice flavor throughout, how can you say no. I will say again, like I always do, if you smoke full bodied cigars then this will be super mild for you and probably an early morning cigar.

I know there is at least a maduro version of this also and I will try to get some of them to review in the near future, along with any other variety they might have.

This almost beats out the Casa de Garcia as my number one budget cigar but this one runs a good $1 a stick more. It is very close though and I will be smoking a lot of these!

I am just me.

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