Month: August 2015

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IPCPR 2015: Leccia

It’s always nice to see Sam Leccia. The professional wrestler (Flex Armstrong) Sam had with him at trade show told me if I didn’t say that, he’d show me what “Chin Music” & “Frog Splash” mean. Now that it’s safe to talk, let’s go over what Sam brought to IPCPR 2015. In this video we […]

Events Videos


I made a point to stop by Rick Rodriguez and Ed McKenna’s corner of the General Cigar booth to see what CAO brought to IPCPR 2015. Rick told us about the Flatehead Steel Horse and the budget-friendly CAO Pilon. Ed brings good news to all you Parrotheads out there, CAO has entered into a partnership […]

Events Videos

IPCPR 2015: Partagas & Cohiba

Next up in the IPCPR 2015 General Cigar booth was Steve Abbot and he wanted to talk about Partagas and Cohiba. We got started with the Partagas Aniversario, celebrating the 170th anniversary of the Partagas brand. Steve turns it the discussion over to Abel Cruz to talk in more detail about the blend, including a […]

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