IPCPR 2015: Leccia

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IPCPR 2015: Leccia

It’s always nice to see Sam Leccia. The professional wrestler (Flex Armstrong) Sam had with him at trade show told me if I didn’t say that, he’d show me what “Chin Music” & “Frog Splash” mean. Now that it’s safe to talk, let’s go over what Sam brought to IPCPR 2015. In this video we cover the four sizes of the new Luchador El Gringo, including the 4 1/2 x 70 “mat press” Frog Splash he reluctantly created to satisfy the demand for 70 ring gauge cigars.

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One thought on “IPCPR 2015: Leccia

  1. Yes! Love it. Good guys right there and some tasty smokes to boot (hopefully or I’ll play some music on your chins if you know what I mean).

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