Crowned Heads 12 Honest Men

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Crowned Heads 12 Honest Men

Crowned Heads has released another limited edition for 2015, but this time it’s in the Jericho Hill line.  Called the 12 Honest Men, it’s named after a line in Johnny Cash’s song, Cocaine Blues, that refers to Willy Lee, after killing his girlfriend during a bender with whiskey and cocaine, being judged in a courtroom by 12 honest men. The blend is the same as the rest of the Jericho Hill line, but in a new vitola.

Size:  7.5 x 38

MSRP:  $9.95 per cigar/$120 for a box of 12


  • Wrapper:  Mexican San Andres Maduro
  • Binder:  Nicaraguan
  • Filler:  Nicaraguan

The cigar starts out with a strong woody note that, to me, reminds me of mesquite.  Maybe I’ve been spending too much time in Texas, but the woody notes is sharper than the normal cedar or oakiness you usually get in cigars.  This woody note is accompanied by leather, black pepper and a subtle sweetness.  As the cigar burned down, I started to also get a mocha note with some coffee notes as well.  The black pepper faded near the middle of the cigar, but came back at the end.

I really enjoyed this cigar.  The size is one of my favorite sizes and I really love the smaller ring gauges in this blend.  I still prefer the Shots over the 12 Honest Men, but it’s close.  The Shots have a more sweetness which, for me, compliments the rest of the flavors better.   They are very close though and I plan on buying another box to put away.  At this price point for a limited edition, you can’t go wrong and having such a great flavor profile, it really is a no brainer.


6 thoughts on “Crowned Heads 12 Honest Men

  1. These puppies were smoking great ROTT! Hands down my favorite Jericho Hill size but MF is freaking killing it this year, best year for MF made cigars! (Pepin must be using tobacco from a very good crop right now, Tatuaje TAA, Verocu, La Imperiosa, Jericho Hill, ect are better than any other MF made product I have ever smoked).

  2. Been hearing good things about this one all over the place. $10/cigar isn’t bad either, definitely gonna have to give it a try. Thanks for the review!

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