Stogie Review on Beer Guys Radio

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Stogie Review on Beer Guys Radio

Brian and Sean Brian and Sean at the mic. It was a long week, so I did some napping between segments.

This week I did something new, I went on a local radio show to talk about cigar and craft beer pairings. That’s right, traditional over-the-air waves radio. I was a guest on an hour long show called Beer Guys Radio which broadcasts every Saturday on AM 920 in Atlanta (and everywhere else via iHeartRADIO).

The hosts of the show, Aaron Williams and Tim Dennis, are both fellow brothers of the leaf, and have been planning to have a cigar themed show for a while now. I was pleased to be the guy they thought of when it came time to make it happen. To make things even more interesting they also invited Atlanta-based Sean Williams of El Primer Mundo on to talk tobacco and his upcoming 10th anniversary cigar. (Coincidentally, Stogie Review is also coming up on its 10th anniversary.)

The show will air Saturday, April 23rd at 1pm EST– be sure to tune in if you can. I know a lot of you won’t be able to listen in via traditional radio, but you can catch it either on iHeartRADIO, or download it an hour or two after it airs via the Beer Guys Radio podcast feed on iTunes. (The show will also be posted on their website.)

And you know what? In an hour long show, we really only scratched the surface. It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’ve got four guys talking about beer and cigars. If you enjoy the show, make sure you let Aaron and Tim know, we might be able to talk them into doing another some time. And a big thank you to Mike and Boram at Buckhead Cigar for providing the cigar-friendly venue.

In the meantime, leave me a comment and tell me some of your favorite cigar and beer pairings. To get things started, here are a few of my more memorable pairings:

  • El Baton and Creature Comforts Tropicalia
  • Dunbarton Sobremesa and Prairie Artisan Coffee Okie
  • Curivari Buenaventura and a Berliner Weisse (in the most recent case, it was a homebrew)
  • Oliva Connecticut and Duvell (an old favorite)
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3 thoughts on “Stogie Review on Beer Guys Radio

  1. Hey Brian sounds cool… Would you ever be interested in setting up a trade?.. I really want to try that tropicalia

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