2016 La Flor Dominicana TAA 48

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2016 La Flor Dominicana TAA 48

2016 La Flor Dominicana TAA 48


For my next installment of the 2016 TAA line of cigars, I’m going to be reviewing the La Flor Dominicana TAA 48.  I’m back at the Serious Cigars Clear Lake location smoking in their lounge again.  The La Flor Dominicana is usually one of the more full bodied cigars in the TAA releases which makes it one of the more popular cigars.  This year’s cigar is no exception.  The cigar was selected during a tasting panel conducted by LFD’s Vice President of Sales, Jon Carney at the annual TAA meeting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  There were three vitolas to choose from and sample.  The one with the most orders from retailers, won.  Let’s look at this year’s winner:

  • Size:  6 x 54 (box press)
  • Wrapper:  Mexican San Andres
  • Binder:  Cameroon
  • Filler:  Dominican
  • MSRP:  $9.40 (Available at Serious Cigars)

There is also a limited edition of this cigar with a Mexican San Andres maduro wrapper that is only sold at LFD TAA events in 10 count boxes.

Pre-light and Construction


The cigar has a beautiful smooth, medium brown wrapper with minimal veins.  The soft box press looks really good and the cap is well applied.  After cutting the cap, the draw was a tad bit loose, but still a good draw.  I got flavors of rich tobacco and oak on the pre-light draw.

First Half


The cigar starts of with some bold flavor.  I’m getting leather, oak, black cherry and nutmeg spice with a nice sweetness.  Its has quite a long finish as well with the flavors of oak and black cherry hang around the most.  This cigar also produced a serious amount of smoke as well.  On the retrohale, I get a strong flavor of amaretto which I’m not getting in the first half unless I retrohale.  All these flavor mesh really well together.


Final Half


As expected, the last half is just as flavorful as the first.  I’m getting more black cherry now and the sweetness has died down some.  I’m still getting the oak and leather flavors along with nutmeg spice flavors as well, but now they are joined with an almond flavor which makes sense as I’m still getting the amaretto flavor on the retrohale which is an almond flavored Italian liqueur.  It’s still full bodied with tons of smoke.



This is a great cigar.  I really enjoyed all the flavors and the tons of smoke it produced.  I always have high expectations on the LFD TAA cigars and this one was no let down.  Another pleasant surprise was the price of less than $10 a cigar.  It smokes like something that feels like it should be more expensive.  At $10 a cigar, its a steal.  Definitely check these out if you’re a full bodied smoker.  You won’t be disappointed.


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