Pier 28 by Espinosa Cigars

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Pier 28 by Espinosa Cigars

While at IPCPR, one cigar that was getting a lot of buzz was the new Pier 28 from Espinosa Cigars.  I first heard about the cigar from my friend, Mark Just of Tower Cigars in Sacramento, CA.   He gave me a sample of it while we were having lunch at IPCPR.  He said he really loved the cigar and, knowing my flavor profile I enjoy in cigars, thought I would love it.  That being said, I decided to hold on to it so I could do a review of it when I returned home. These cigars are the baby of the West Coast sales manager for Espinosa Cigars, Tim Wong and are only available in western states.  I couldn’t find much information about these cigars, but I did find this information from our friend, William Cooper’s site, Cigar Coop, about the cigar:

The Pier 28 line is a regional offering to Espinosa Cigars West Coast Area Manager Tim Wong’s territory. This consists of five states: California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico. It is also being offered to Espinosa Cigar lounges.

Cigar Specifications:


  • Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Habano Cafe
  • Binder:  Nicaraguan
  • Filler:  Nicaraguan and Dominican
  • Size:  5 x 52



The cigar has a really nice mocha brown wrapper that is velvety smooth.  The draw is spot on with that “milkshake” draw that I love.  The flavors on the pre-light draw is nutty and leathery.

First Half

The cigar starts off with notes of almond, leather, dried fruits and a sweet creamy note that reminds me of marzipan.  It’s a very tasty cigar.  I do get a pepper note, but only on the retrohale.  I was expecting a touch of it, at least, without retrohaling it as it’s kind of a tale tell sign of Nicaraguan tobacco.  So far, off to a great start.


Last Half

The cigar developed more bitterness, but it’s not overwhelming.  I still get the almond and leather notes, but now I’m now getting some cedar notes as well.  I don’t get the creamy marzipan any more at all. Its smoking quite well with no touch ups at all.



The cigar was very tasty.  Mark described it as a cross between Illusione Eperney and a Tatuaje Brown label. I have to say that’s pretty close.  I really did enjoy the flavors.  I would love to get my hands on more of these and age some.  If you are in the western part of the US, check these out because this is a top notch cigar.


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