Colibri V-Cut

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Colibri V-Cut

I’m a pretty simple cigar smoker when it comes to accessories.  I use my S. T. Dupont lighters and Xikar cutters because I consider them the best on the market.  I’ve picked up a new cutter several months ago that has me reconsidering my cutter choice.  I saw where Colibri had introduced a new line of cutters with both a guillotine and a v-cut.  I’m a fan of the v-cut so I was excited to see another big cigar accessory company introduce one.  The Colibri is a very beefy cutter with a spring loaded action.  The blade is an inverted V where the blade cuts wide to narrow instead of like most v cutters where the blade has a point that widens as it cuts.  I much prefer the inverted V for cutting as it doesn’t have the point that sometimes can crush the cap of the cigar if it’s not perfectly sharp.  The blades are very sharp, even after cutting hundreds of cigars.  The cutter can cut up to a 60 ring gauge cigar and cuts 7 mm deep.

Overall, I love this cutter.  The cutter cuts very deep giving me plenty of surface to pull smoke from yet leaving the end of the cigar nice and clean.  The operation is really smooth and blades are very sharp.  I highly recommend this cutter.

Purchased and available at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi, MS.


11 thoughts on “Colibri V-Cut

  1. I have used a punch for periods of time and eventually went back to a guillotine cut but I have just started using a V cutter and really like the way the cut opens a cigar up for the same reasons you mention. I was wary of the V cut because I thought it would damage the cap. Like Sly Stone sang (pardon the paraphrase) Different Cuts for Different folks.

      1. Ben pm me your address I’ll send you a pair. I have 2 I’ll give you one of them. Just hope they don’t get stopped by customs lol

  2. I’ve loved the Cats eye ( V cutter) since the 1st use for the simple reason, When I use a straight or guillotine cutter it begins to look like I’ve been eating brown spinach, because I tend to hold cigar’s in my mouth for long period’s of time, that’s why I Love the Cats eye.

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