D’Crossier Selection 512 Lancero

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D’Crossier Selection 512 Lancero

While on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I was given a cigar that I’ve heard a lot about but almost never saw.  This trip was with several other bloggers, some I’ve known for quite some time and some I was meeting for the first time.  One of them was Master Sensei, Eric Guttormson, and his son Jordan, of Cigar Dojo.  While waiting for our connecting flights home in the Miami airport, we gathered up in the TGIFriday’s bar where smoking is allowed, which is where  Eric gifted me a D’Crossier Selection 512 Lancero.  I’ve heard quite a bit about the brand from other blogger friends like, Cigar-Coop and on Cigar Dojo, but I haven’t had one yet because they aren’t available where I’m at.  Thanks to Eric, I’m now able to finally smoke one.

D’Crossier Cigars is based out of the Costa Rica and are known for producing high quality cigars with select tobaccos.  The problem was their distribution was quite limited, mostly to just Florida, so not many cigar smokers were able to get them.  Luckily, they are now being distributed by Espinosa Cigars and are becoming more widely available.  The Selection 512 differs from the other lines as it is a more budget friendly line where it averages around $6-$7 a cigar, except for the lancero which is around $12 per cigar, instead of the normal $12-$20 per cigar price tag of the other lines.  The lancero is different as it is uses a special blend and is a limited edition.  It was made in honor of the father of Santana Diaz, the owner of Flor de D’Crossier.

Let’s look at the specs:

  • Vitola:  Lancero
  • Size:  7 1/2 x 38
  • Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Habano 2000
  • Binder:  Unknown
  • Filler:  Nicaraguan
  • MSRP:  $12.00



This cigar is exquisitely made.  The wrapper is very smooth with a colorado brown color with no large veins.  The cap is well applied with a slightly tight draw.  The notes on the cold draw are cedar, earth and leather.

First Half

This cigar is very smooth, silky smooth.  I get notes of leather, honey, black pepper and buttery bread note that reminds of a croissant.  I get a lot more black pepper on the retrohale.  The cigar has a very clean, long finish as well.  Really impressed by how smooth this cigar is smoking.

Last Half

Well, one thing that I have to remember is that when I smoke a lancero, I need to smoke it indoors.  Lancero do not like high humidity and, well, that’s all there is outside in Houston and Mississippi.  It started to get a little spongy in the last half because of the high humidity, but it still wasn’t bad enough to effect the smoke.  The flavors remind pretty much the same except the black pepper died down some and the cedar notes as well as the buttery bread note seemed to amp up a bit.  The leather and honey notes remained about the same.  The cigar is still smoking silky smooth.

Overall Impressions

This cigar is really good.  The flavors were really nice and the cigar was silky smooth.  I don’t think the price is out of bounds for this cigar with the quality of the tobacco and how limited the cigar is.  I hope I can find more D’Crossier cigars as my first experience with this cigar was really nice.  Being a big fan of the lancero size, this cigar was a definite winner in my books. Check these out if you are lucky enough to run across these in your local cigar shop.

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You can purchase D’Crossier Cigars online from our friends at Cigar Federation here.


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