All Out Kings Smash

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All Out Kings Smash

All Out Kings was one of the most high anticipated releases from IPCPR 2016.  The All Out Kings is a collaboration with Caldwell Cigars and Drew Estate Cigars.  Both companies are known to push the boundaries in the cigar world so them collaborating on a cigar is not a surprise.  The brainchild of Robert Caldwell, Willy Herrera and Jonathan Drew, this would be Caldwell’s first Nicaraguan cigar.  The cigar will be distributed though Caldwell Cigars using tobaccos from La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Esteli, Nicaragua.

All Out Kings Smash

  • Wrapper:  Connecticut Stalk Cut and Sun Cured Habano Wrapper
  • Binder:  Indonesia Sumatra Binder
  • Filler:  Jalapa Viso, Esteli Viso, Dominican C-98 Seco, and Connecticut Broadleaf Ligero
  • MSRP:  $13.80
  • Vitola:  Robusto

Prelight Draw

The Smash has a dark brown wrapper which reminds me of a well used baseball glove. The cap is well applied and snips off with little effort. After cutting the cigar, I tested the draw which is perfect. On the cold draw, I get notes of leather, coffee and caramel.

First Half

The cigar has a notes of leather, coffee, hazelnuts, caramel, red pepper flakes and baking spice. While the cigar is flavorful, the burn is quite strange. The cigar is burning at almost a 45 degree angle and the smoke seems to be coming off the wrapper as much as from the ash.

Second Half

The cigar developed a cedar note on the back half and the caramel note is more prominent as well. The cigar was much sweeter new the midpoint, but got more bitter near the end with hints of cocoa. The bitterness reminded me of espresso bitterness as the coffee note evolved as well. The burn is still a bit off, but not as bad as the first half.

Overall Impressions

The cigar was pretty flavorful with notes of leather, coffee, cedar, baking spice, red pepper flakes, cocoa, hazelnuts and caramel. The cigar started off sweet and got sweeter near the midpoint, but turned more bitter near the end like an espresso. The burn was really strange though so that did detract from the cigar somewhat. I do prefer the Smash (robusto) over the Give Me Your Lunch Money (corona) which is my preferred vitola usually, but the corona is more spicy over the robusto which is sweeter and more savory.  These cigars aren’t for everyone, but if these sound like they would match up well your preferred flavor profile, check these out before they are all gone.


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