Avo Syncro South America Ritmo

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Avo Syncro South America Ritmo

Avo released their third cigar in the Syncro line in the South America Ritmo using tobaccos from 6 different countries in Central and South America.  The Ritmo continues the musical theme of the Syncro series in which Ritmo means “rhythm” in Spanish and represents the primal rhythms of South and Central America.  The colors of the cigar, teal, gold, silver, white and blue, are reminiscent of the vivid colors of the carnival season in Brazil.  The artwork created for the Ritmo and the icon on the cigar box uses imagery from South and Central America from the jungles of the Amazon in Brazil to the Inca and Mayan structures in Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. The Ritmo uses tobaccos from Brazil, Ecuador and Peru in South America and tobaccos from Mexico, Nicaragua and Honduras in Central America.


  • Wrapper:  Ecuador
  • Binder:  Mexico
  • Filler:  Nicaragua, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Dominican Republic
  • Vitola:  Robusto
  • MSRP:  $10.90


The cigar has a medium brown wrapped with a rough leather appearance. The cap is well applied which I cut with my Xikar MTX cutter.  The draw was a little loose, but not overly so.  I got hints of hay, earth and floral notes on the cold draw.

First half

The cigar opened up with a very unique flavor profile.  The cigar had notes of cedar, lemon, chocolate, pecans and pepper, which was stronger on the retrohale. The cigar leaves a tingle in the back of the throat and has thick luscious smoke. A spice note started to develop just before the midpoint along with a coffee note.

Last Half

The profile of the cigar started to change a little on the last half.  I got notes of espresso, chocolate, lemon and cedar with a heavier pecan note.  The pepper and spice notes were steady throughout the final half. The cigar has produced a great volumn of smoke from beginning to end and was a steady medium body.

Overall Impressions

The cigar really showcases how excellent South American tobaccos are.  The rich notes of coffee, chocolate and nuts along with the spice notes were really livened up by the bright lemon note.  The Syncro blends are all bold blends.  The Syncro Nicaragua actually was my Cigar of the Year in 2015 and the Fogata was no slouch itself.  The Ritmo is different though.  Its has a very unique flavor profile from the previous two Syncro blends with its savory, spicy, bright citrus notes and it’s one I really enjoyed.  These cigars are box worthy and one I highly recommend.


One thought on “Avo Syncro South America Ritmo

  1. Excellent smoke. Like a chocolate lemon cake, so tasty and smooth. Box worthy for sure, at least the robusto size. This stogiereview write-up is totally accurate btw, as far as flavors and so on. My instinct is smoke these now btw, don’t age them.

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