Week in Smoke – 10/25/2017

Week in Smoke5 Comments on Week in Smoke – 10/25/2017

Week in Smoke – 10/25/2017

I have a huge backlog of cigars I want to review before the end of the year, but time is running out on me.  Some cigars I want to get to, might not make it, which is why I love when we do these Week in Smoke.  Its a good way to showcase some cigars we’ve been smoking lately that we might not get a full review out on or it might be awhile until we can create one.

The weather is cooling off quite nicely here in Florida (I’m still not use to saying Florida, where I live now, LOL) now that fall has finally arrived.  That means I can actually smoke more cigar as I’m not fighting the heat and humidity.  Also, if you follow me or Stogie Review on Instagram, you would have already seen most of these.  Without further ado, here is what I’ve been smoking lately.


Romeo y Julieta Cazadores (ORG SEP 2016)

I recently picked up a box of these because I really love the size.  It’s a cazadores which comes in a size of 6.38″ x 44 which is perfect for me.  The cigars are still young, but have a good amount of flavor already.  It has notes of leather, cedar, nuts and cinnamon which is stronger on the retrohale.  I like them so far and I think these will be way better with age.  I’m not a big fan of the Romeo y Julieta line from Cuba, but this one, so far, seem like a winner.

Nat Sherman Metropolitan Habano Robusto

This is a current favorite of mine.  It’s a cigar I can grab at any time and know it will satisfy me. As expected, since it was on my Top Cigars of the Year list in 2016. The cigar has rich flavors with a mild-medium body which makes it approachable by a lot of cigar smokers.  With a price point below $8, its a no brainer.

The Griffin’s Nicaragua Toro

This was a pleasant surprise for me this year.  I never smoked this cigar until I visited the Davidoff store on Madison Avenue in New York City.  My friend, Will Cooper of Cigar-Coop, told me I should really give it a try, which I did.  I’m so glad I did.  It has a great mix of medium body with note black pepper, cedar and leather.  This will definitely have a full review coming up soon.  Brian Hewitt said he talked about this one before, but, let’s be honest, no one listens to him.

Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary Maduro Robusto

I haven’t been a big fan of a lot of the more recently releases from Rocky Patel.  The one exception was the 20th Anniversary.  They recently released the maduro version which I picked up at my home cigar shop, The Cigar Shop, in Biloxi, MS.  This version adds a nice coffee and cocoa note to the original that I really enjoy.

Cornelius and Anthony Venganza

I was introduced to this company when I lived in Houston and frequented my local cigar shop, The Smoke Ring, in Webster, TX, who is known for carrying a lot of quality boutique brands.   This was introduced at this year’s IPCPR, but luckily, I’ve had it several months before.  This new blend has notes of cedar, black pepper, coffee and leather with a nice hint of cream.  I’m really hooked on this cigar and this brand.

AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes Toro

This is probably my favorite AJ Fernandez cigar currently out.  This cigar is just a cozy cigar to smoke.  The flavors remind me a nice mocha coffee with a sprinkling of cinnamon.  It just a tasty, easy smoking cigar.

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Todos las Dias

I won’t go into much here about this one as I plan on reviewing this cigar next week.  I will say it’s definitely different to anything Steve Saka has put out so far.  It has notes of red pepper, dry cooca, earth and a slight sweetness.


There you have it. Short and sweet. What have you been smoking lately?


5 thoughts on “Week in Smoke – 10/25/2017

  1. Love the Week in Smoke format that you and Brian do.

    I’ve smoked the Griffin’s Nicaragua Toro and discussed it with Brian, hanging on his every word. It really is a nice smoke.

  2. Brian, I bet you would also like the Dunhill Signed Range. I smoked the toro back to back with the Griffin’s Nicaragua and enjoyed both.

    1. Pretty sure I’ve had the Signed Range, but it’s been a while. As I recall it was a good smoke. Have you tried the Avo Syncro Nicaragua yet? If you like The Griffin’s Nicaragua, I’ll bet you’ll enjoy that as well.

  3. Haven’t tried the Syncro but do have two AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata resting in my humidor as I write this. Been sort of saving them.

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