La Aurora ADN Dominicano/Dominican DNA Toro

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La Aurora ADN Dominicano/Dominican DNA Toro

La Aurora ADN Dominicano Toro

La Aurora introduced the ADN Dominicano or, DNA Dominican, at IPCPR in 2017.  This new cigar features an interesting new tobacco that is rarely used in cigars called Andullo.  Andullo is a tobacco that is aged in tight twist or ropes that was wrapped in palm/yuca leaves to age.  This creates a very dense pack of tobacco that is usually used as plug or chewing tobacco.  La Aurora uses a whole Andullo leave in the ADN, the first ever cigar to do that, to pay homage to the old ways of using tobacco in the Dominican Republic.

Photo courtesy of La Aurora


  • Wrapper:  Dominican from the Cibao Valley
  • Binder:  Cameroon
  • Filler:  Nicaraguan, Pennsylvanian, Dominican and Andullo
  • MSRP:  $10.45
  • Vitola:  Toro
  • Body:  Full

Purchased at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi, MS

The cigar had a good draw with notes of oak and leather.  Upon lighting, the cigar really delivers with a strong flavor profile with a long finish.  I get notes of leather, smoky hickory, white pepper and a hint of citrus.  The cigar starts to develop a milk chocolate notes near the midpoint and the white pepper spice has faded away.  The citrus notes also faded away and was replaced by a slight floral note.  The cigar burned a little off, but it self-corrected without any touch ups from me.  The cigar finished coming full circle to the beginning again as most of the same flavors from the first part of the cigar came back with white pepper, smoky hickory, leather, but it was joined by a nice coffee note.  The milk chocolate note has faded away as well.

The DNA is a very good cigar.  It something completely different to anything that is out there presently.  Andullo gives the cigar a rich, smoky characteristic that is very interesting.  I think this would be even more amplified in the smaller ring gauge which is why I’d like to try this in the Churchill size.  Overall, I really enjoyed the cigar, as different as it is, and I think these will age very well.  Check this out at your local La Aurora dealer.


4 thoughts on “La Aurora ADN Dominicano/Dominican DNA Toro

  1. Ben, have you tried the Ventura Project 805? That cigar also contains Andullo tobacco. I have not tried the ADN Dominicano but found the Andullo in the Ventura cigar to be very understated.

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