Ben’s Week in Smoke – No. 16

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Ben’s Week in Smoke – No. 16

Warped Lirio Rojo

Just one of my staples.  I consider this one of the best, if not the best cigar from Warped.  It’s a perfect size with a medium body and great flavor.  It’s the Goldilocks of Warped….not too strong, not too weak, not too small, not too large, etc.  I mean, it was my No. 2 Cigar of the Year for 2016.

Nat Sherman Epoca Perfecto


One theme you will see here is a few Nat Sherman cigars in my Week in Smoke.  That’s because we had a cigar components tasting seminar by Michael Herklots of Nat Sherman at our cigar shop, The Cigar Shop in Biloxi, MS.  One of the cigars we had during that event was the Epoca paired with a special select bottling of Old Forester.  It’s another very tasty medium bodied cigar that has appeared in a few of our lists.  That’s no surprise as it has tasty notes of oak, pepper, leather and nuts with amazing construction.

Nat Sherman Metropolitan Habano Toro

Quickly becoming my favorite of the Nat Sherman line, the Habano has more body than the Maduro or Connecticut in the Metropolitan.  It’s medium to full bodied with flavors of spice, cedar, leather and hint of cream.  It’s a lovely cigar and totally box worthy.

La Aurora ADN Dominicano aka Dominican DNA Robusto

This one was totally new to me.  Paul, our cigar shop owner in Biloxi, MS, raved about this one and brought it into the shop.  He gave me a robusto and toro to try out.  I have to say, it is one of the best releases from La Aurora is quite a long time.  Look for a full review coming up this month.

Arturo Fuente OpusX Reserve d’Chateau

The churchill sized cigar is an amazing Opus X.  This one came from a tin pack of 3 and smoked very well.  I’m not sure how old these were, but I like to age my Opus X for a few years like I do Cubans because they smoke better to me.  They age very well.  The Reserve d’Chateau has notes of red pepper, honey, cedar, citrus, sweet cream with a slight floral note.  You can go wrong with any Opus X, but these are some of the best.

Nat Sherman Sterling Short Robusto

The Sterling is a line I didn’t immediately take too.  I didn’t like the blend in the larger ring gauges and the corona size was ok to me.  I finally got my hands on the short robusto and was blown away.  It was much creamier and less woody than the rest of the line which is what I like in a Connecticut. I did a full review on my other site I’ve been reviewing on since 2004, Cigar Weekly. Check out the full review there.


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  1. I’ve recently smoked the Epoca Knickerbocker. A little light for me. Agree with you about the construction. Spot on.

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