CLE The First 20 Years Colorado Robusto

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CLE The First 20 Years Colorado Robusto

Earlier this year, CLE quietly introduced a new line extension to The First 20 Years with The First 20 Years Colorado.  Christian Eiroa said he was trying to get a perfect colorado color. reddish brown hue, with his corojo for quite awhile and has finally done it.  This cigar is a Honduran puro made in Eiroa’s El Aladino factory in Honduras. The Eiroas are famous for their use of corojo wrapper.  Where many that grown are now using Corojo 98 or 99, the Eiroa’s, headed, by Christians father, Julio, has crafted amazing tobacco using non-hybrid corojo they call “authentic corojo”.  The hybrids came into play as corojo is very susceptible to fungus and mold which leads to very low yields.  They hybrids on more resilient and therefore have higher yields.

  • Wrapper:  Honduran Colorado
  • Binder: Honduran
  • Filler: Honduran
  • Vitola: Robusto
  • MSRP: $12.36

Purchased at Jerry’s Cigar in Tallahassee, FL



The First 20 Years Colorado robusto has a nice golden brown color wrapper with a sharp box press.  I actually love a box pressed cigar so I really like it on the The First 20 Years Colorado.  The draw is a little tight, but not overly so. The notes on the cold draw are hay, bread and cedar.

First Half

Since The Cigar is a box press, I used a V-cut to cut the cigar which cut a perfect opening in the cap. On the 1st inch of the cigar, I get notes of hay, cedar,  ginger snap cookie,  red pepper flakes and orange peel.  The red pepper flakes and gingersnap cookie notes are more noticeable on the retrohale.  The cigar is burning a little crooked, but that’s somewhat normal for a box press cigar. The cigar is putting out a lot of smoke and is medium bodied.

Last Half

On the last half of the cigar, the cedar is now much stronger. The red pepper flake note  has diminished some,  but the gingersnap cookie note has increased a little bit. I still get a lot of spice on the retrohale and the cigar has ramped up to a medium plus body.  The burn of the cigar is excellent and even the burn has evened out some.


This cigar is the best cigar release from CLE since the CBT.  It has a ton of flavor and is priced right.  The Eiroas know how to grow corojo and this is the perfect example, so far, of how amazing of a job they do with it.  It’s well balanced with a long finish and a medium body that is perfect for most cigar smokers.  This cigar is epic and is full box worthy, no doubt.  They are a must try if you see them at your local cigar shop.


2 thoughts on “CLE The First 20 Years Colorado Robusto

  1. Nice review, Ben. Normally not a fan of foot bands but I have to say this one looks great. I have smoked plenty of CLE but have yet try the newer blends.

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