IPCPR 2018: Camacho and Zino Cigars

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IPCPR 2018: Camacho and Zino Cigars

We meet up with Scott Kolesaire of Davidoff to talk about what is new with Camacho and Zino Cigars, which are lines under Davidoff. Scott shows us the new 3 pack of the Zino Platinum Z-Crown and the Back2Back cigar from the amazing Mike Baca and Fernando Romero of UR New York, also featuring their own artwork. Next, we see what’s new from Camacho as Scott show us a new Camacho Liberty, a throwback to the 2005 Liberty, which is considered the best Liberty ever produced. We then look at the military themed Hard Charger which has a Marine Corps color scheme. Next, we see the return of a Camacho legend, the Diploma.


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