IPCPR 2018: S.T. Dupont

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IPCPR 2018: S.T. Dupont

You can’t pass up an opportunity to take a look at all the new S.T. Dupont product when you visit the Davidoff booth at IPCPR. This year Megha Malagatti is our guide to the swanky new accessories, including the high-end products from their Disney partnership, including the very first luxury levitating pen, which is designed to look like a lightsaber. We also take a look at the new Le Grand S.T. Dupont lighter that’s capable of alternating between a torch and a soft flame. We discuss the lacquering process used their products, it’s an old and very involved technique, that involves a secret recipe, local French ingredients, at least six applications. This makes the finish both very fire-resistant, and capable of recovering from scratches over time.

Next we look at the James Bond Spectre collaboration lighter, which features a very recognizable bullet hole pattern and a spy-friendly secret compartment. More James Bond-themed products are coming, S.T. Dupont is in the process of experimenting with the design, but a James Bond MaxiJet torch and cigar cutter is already available. A lighter is coming later this year that connects to your phone via Bluetooth to prevent you from losing your lighter. A similar Bluetooth enabled wallet will also be available soon. For this year, the Bluetooth capability will be exclusively for the James Bond line, next year it will be available other products as well.

This year they reintroduced Picasso-themed products in the Art Icon line. It features the dove with an olive branch in its beak that Picasso designed to represent world peace.

And for the grand finale, S.T. Dupont President Alain Crevet joins us to show us a product they created which was inspired by the first hot air balloon ride in 1783. It’s a project the S.T. Dupont artists were give no limits on to produce. The extremely ornate balloon rises and falls on a track, concealing a solid gold lighter encrusted with diamonds at its lowest point. If you’d like to own it, it will set you back 750,000 Euros. The lighter itself is the second most expensive lighter ever produced. It took 3,000 hours and two years to produce. It’s something you really have see.

Alain Crevet teases the idea of a future project involving the Man on the Moon, Apollo, possible Indiana Jones-themed products, and perhaps a line inspired by the Aliens movies.

Stay tuned until the end to see some more closeups of the products we discussed earlier in this video, and some older ones we didn’t. But they’re still fun to look at.

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