Help Us Welcome Darkfire Cigar Spills

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Help Us Welcome Darkfire Cigar Spills

Darkfire Cigar Spills

I’d like to welcome our newest advertiser, Darkfire Cigar Spills. They’re here to invite you to light your cigars differently. These days it’s so easy to light a cigar, you grab your torch, bring it to life with a click, and seconds later your cigar is smoldering. Convenient. But is that really the best way to light your cigar? It all depends on your priorities. If you prioritize convenience and speed, you cannot go wrong with any number of multi-flame torches on the market.

But as a long time fan of matches and cedar spills, I can tell you there is another way that’s worth consideration. It’s not wind proof, and it isn’t fast, but the benefits come in subtleties of flavor. There is just something different, something better about lighting a cigar off the soft flame from the end of a match or a cedar spill. It’s not just flavor (but that’s part of it, the cooler flame makes a difference), it’s something decadent. It’s about enjoying your time with the cigar. That’s hard to do that when you’re in a rush. What makes the simple spill superior to matches is that they last longer than your typical match. And they’re not treated with chemicals to help them light.

So what is a cedar spill? I’ll be honest with you, I hadn’t looked into the origins of the cedar spill until now. The Darkfire Cedar Spills website illuminates the history nicely:

Before matches, a spill was used to transfer a flame from the fire in the hearth to a candle, lamp, cigar or pipe. A true spill was not a piece of paper, a stick, or a sliver of wood, it was a specialized wood shaving, given its name from the way it “spills” from the wood plane that produces it.

A spill’s daily usefulness has long passed, but has been revived as a way of imparting a neutral flavor when lighting a cigar without the gasses or odors from the flame source. With a spill, the cigar lighting process is slowed, highlighting the nuances, character, and flavors in the cigar, bringing total fulfillment to the smoking process.

I invite you to go check out the Darkfire Cigar Spills website and see what they’re all about. Their product is a little different than spills you may have seen in the past. And if you decide to buy some from them, don’t forget to take advantage of free shipping with our promo code “STOGIEREVIEW”.

Darkfire Cigar Spills

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4 thoughts on “Help Us Welcome Darkfire Cigar Spills

  1. Welcome aboard!

    I have used some spills in the past but none that looked like this. Most of the time I do not have the patience to take my time lighting a cigar as I want to get the enjoyment as quick as I can so I throw a triple flame torch to the on position and torch away.

    This seems like a nicer and gentler way to light a cigar and savor the moment. I could easily see Walt using these as from hanging around him he has the patience and demeanor to fully appreciate them.

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