Lighter Review: Lotus 48 L4810 Chrome

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Lighter Review: Lotus 48 L4810 Chrome

The Lotus 48 L4810 Chrome.

Today we’re going to take a look at the Lotus 48 L4810 Chrome, a torch provided for me to review by my good buddy Kent at Lotus.  I’ve been using it as much as possible for a few months now, and now it’s time for some thoughts. But first, some pertinent details: 

Features & Specs

  • Twin Pinpoint Torch Flames
  • Slide-out 8mm Cigar Punch
  • Fuel Level Viewing Window
  • Squeeze Ignition
  • Owners Guide (Some good info in here for the torch newbie.)
  • MSRP: $79.95
  • 2.9″ x 1.5″ x 0.6”
  • Weight: ~3.6oz (101g)

Fun fact:  This lighter weights about as much as two large hard boiled eggs or roughly $4.25 in quarters.

I didn’t run into any real issues or unusual behavior with the Lotus 48.  You push the button, and a couple of attractive blue flames form a point about half an inch above the lighter.  You light your cigar, and close the lid with a satisfying click. Repeat as often as your schedule and your wallet will allow you to enjoy a premium cigar.  With my review methodology fully explained, let’s get into the good and the bad of my season with the Lotus 48.

The fuel window. Easy to tell the lighter is just about empty.


  • Appearance.  It’s just a good looking lighter.  I’m a fan of the brushed metal look of the Chrome version (which I have), but the pictures of the Black Lacquer version looks pretty sharp too.  And of course the benefit of the Chrome is it’s harder to see any minor nicks and scratches it will pick up over time. (The one I’ve been using does have a scratch from use, but you have to really look to see it.)  Also, that dual pinpoint flames looks very cool. 
  • Function. I’ve been using the Lotus 48 almost exclusively for the past few months, and have never had a problem with it lighting.  Except when I run out of fuel. And that didn’t happen as frequently as I thought it might- a benefit of two flames instead of three.  I also like that the punch cutter slides down instead of swinging out. It’s less likely to just randomly open at inopportune times.  
  • Ergonomics.  The lighter seems substantial and sturdy, and just feels right in your hand.  The back of it is nicely shaped for your fingers to wrap around the lighter. I feel less clumsy and slightly more fabulous using it.  On a scale of 1 to 5 Ergs, I give it a 5.
  • Fuel Level Viewing Window.  I think this is kind of the “anti-lock brakes” of the lighter world most lighters have them, and they all brag about having them.  The background is bright red, and the fuel level is very easy to see. Even when you don’t have a visible fuel line, it’s very easy to tell the difference between empty and full. 
Punch cutter, open for business.


  • The Weight.  Yes, I know, this was mentioned as a positive above  While the lighter feels great in your hand, it may feel a little heavy in your pocket.  Especially if you’re used to carrying an inexpensive plastic lighter. (Like I often do. No judgement here. They’re less painful to lose.)  
  • The Punch Cutter.  I’m not a big punch cutter guy, and I only used it once the whole time I’ve had this lighter.  My single complaint is a cosmetic one. When you slide the cutter down, the part of the lighter that’s revealed doesn’t look great.  I really wish they had repeated the ignition button pattern under the punch cutter. That would have been a nice touch. 


I like Lotus 48 Chrome.  I made a point of using it almost exclusively for the past few months, and I have no real beef with it.  It’s nearly 50% heavier than my usual carry-around torch, but it looks a heckuva a lot nicer, and I never get tired of the pinpoint flames.  It seems like a good value for the price, and a casual perusal of the interwebs reveals that it can be had for prices lower than the suggested MSRP.  But I think perhaps the most telling metric is this: If I lost it, would I buy a replacement? I would. 

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