Ben’s Week in Smoke – No. 17

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Ben’s Week in Smoke – No. 17

It’s been quite awhile since I did a Week in Smoke; a year actually.  It’s about time that I did another one.  I’m going to try to do these once a week or at least every other week as I know everyone seems to like these posts from Brian and I.  For those that haven’t read one of our Week in Smokes before, its just a list of things we have smoked during the past week or two with our brief thoughts on them.  Without further ado, here is my Week in Smoke, No. 17:


La Aurora Cazadores

This is a new cigar I just received for a review from La Aurora.  The Cazadores is La Aurora’s entry into the budget friendly market as these will retail for around $4.00.  It wouldn’t win any beauty contest, but I get great flavors of cedar, caramel, white pepper and a hint of citrus.  Pretty damn good for a $4.00 smoke.  More coming soon in a full review.

EP Carrillo Oscuro

This is probably my favorite EP Carrillo cigar.  It’s not very expensive, and the flavor is great.  It’s medium bodied with notes of cocoa, coffee and cedar with a hint of spice.  I really love these cigars which I always have a box of on hand.

Drew Estate Herrera Esteli Miami

This cigar is another outstanding release from Herrera Esteli.  It was a limited release to only TAA members, but now they are going to be released to select Drew Estate retailers.  Because of a band change, a couple of places were blowing these out at ridiculous prices.  I luckily grab two boxes and I’m so happy I did.  I love the original Herrera Esteli cigar, but this one has much more richer flavor profile and more fuller body.

Balmoral Anejo XO Connecticut Gran Toro

For me, this is the best Connecticut on the market.  Its taken over my benchmark Connecticut, for me, from the EP Carrillo New Wave Connecticut.  I still love the New Wave Connecticut, but this one has more flavors I like.  I did a full review of this cigar which you can read here.

RoMa Craft Crogmanon Venus

This one is a rare size which I haven’t had before so I was super excited when one of my local cigar shops, Parkway Cigars in Tallahassee, received these.  The salomon size smoked really well and seem to tame down the Cromagnon blend a little.  I get a little more coffee and less spice in this size which I really like.

Cordoba and Morales Front 9

Here is another really good Connecticut.  This one is a little more fuller bodied than your normal Connecticut.  It has notes of cream, spice, oak and graham cracker.  I’ve been smoking a lot of these lately along with their Family Reserve line and I’ve been pretty impressed.  Check these out if you get a chance.


Well, that all for my Week in Smoke.  Have you tried any of these?  If you have, what do you think?


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