Davidoff 50th Anniversary Diademas Finas

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Davidoff 50th Anniversary Diademas Finas

Davidoff introduced the Davidoff 50th Anniversary Diademas Finas as a limited edition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Davidoff Cigars. Originally released in 2006, the Diademas Finas was re-released in 2018 in 4 different 10 count ceramic jars featuring artwork from Mariane Leger with only 8000 cigars being made. Below is the press release from Davidoff on the Diadema Fina:

To mark Davidoff’s 50th anniversary, the Swiss cigar maker will bring back its popular Diademas Finas –a cigar that was first launched in 2006 to commemorate what would have been Zino’s 100th birthday. The Limited Edition cigar will be available in four different 10-count porcelain jars. Each jar will be numbered and will contain a humidification device. The jars will feature four distinct art designs created by French artist Mariane Léger. Art designs which are also represented on Davidoff’s 50th anniversary “Caves du Monde” humidors and exclusive lighters.Limited Edition ashtrays,pipes and pipe tobacco (available outside of the US)will complement the special 50 Years product offering, created for this unique occasion.

Davidoff Master Blenders have rolled everything that makes Davidoff cigars special into this elegant Diademas Finas format. “If Davidoff had a signature, it would be written with this exceptional Diademas Finas cigar,” said Edward Simon, Head of Global Marketing and Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG. “It’s a celebration of the craftsmanship of our Master Blenders, built with ten-year-old filler tobaccos from one of the best crops in 2005 giving it an unparalleled sense of balance and signature Davidoff sophistication. It stands as proof of Zino’s pioneering spirit and the most diverse and stimulating offering for our customers to choose from.”The cigars are dressed with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Dominican Olor Seco binder and an all-Dominican blend of filler tobaccos and delight with rich wood, earth, cream, cacao and pepper flavours, as well as some floral notes. Presented in high-end porcelain jars featuring the four different art designs created by MarianeLéger, the cigars will be available at select appointed merchants and Davidoff Flagship Stores worldwide from July 2018. There will only be 8000 jars worldwide.

Photos courtesy of Davidoff Cigars

MSRP: $36.00

Cigar purchase at The Cigar Shop in Biloxi, MS, an Davidoff White Label flagship partner.


As you would expect with a Davidoff, especially at this price point, the cigar looks perfect. The wrapper is very smooth with a golden brown hue. The ends of the cigar are perfectly tapered with a slight opening at the foot. Even with the semi-closed foot, the draw is also perfect with notes of mushroom, earth and hay.

First Half

The first half of the Davidoff 50th Anniversary Diademas Finas opens with a oak notes and musty earthiness, which reminds me more of mushrooms than anything, with a buttery creme brulee sweetness. The cigar developed a floral note with hints of spice after about the first inch of the cigar. The musty, earthy mushroom note diminished greatly after the first inch of so. I find this note in most Davidoff cigars and it is a great accent note. The oak and creme brulee notes are the most dominate, with a hint of florals and spices intermixing quite well.

Second Half

The second half of the Davidoff 50th Anniversary Diademas Finas kept on with the complex flavor profile. The cigar still had the oak note and the creme brulee notes, but it’s met with a bready note that started just before the halfway point. The bready note is also joined by a milk chocolate note with a hint of orange zest and a light coffee note. Near the very end, the cigar pick up a little more of musty mushroom note that it had in the beginning. I get more of the bready and spice notes on the retrohale. The cigar was medium bodied throughout the entire cigar.

Overall Impressions

Davidoff has been rapidly putting out limited editions after limited editions. The good thing is that it seems like all of them have been hits rather than misses. The Davidoff 50th Anniversary Diademas Finas is not an exception. The flavors were amazing and very nuanced with a long finish. The price of the cigar is rather high, but the quality of the tobaccos used must drive the cost up as the flavors and construction speak of the quality. It’s a special cigar which I’m saving my final 3 cigars for a special occasions, especially at this price point. If it’s within your budget, this cigar is a must try if you can find them.

Final Score 93


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