Padron Black Label No. 89 Natural TAA Exclusive

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Padron Black Label No. 89 Natural TAA Exclusive

The Padron Black Label No. 89 TAA is one of the most anticipated releases in recent years for Tobacco Association of America (TAA) and was released in both natural and maduro wrappers.  The Padron Black was originally released in very limited quantities for Jose Orlando Padron’s 89th birthday in 2016.  They were a huge hit and everyone sought after these cigars.  Padron decided to take a departure from their regular TAA releases, which they normal release a special sized 1926 and 1964, to release the Padron Black.  Padron is being secretive about what the blend is so we can only assume the blend is from Nicaragua like their other lines.  I decided to do the natural wrapper first because it doesn’t seem to get as much fanfare as the maduro wrapper version.

  • Wrapper:  Natural Nicaraguan?
  • Binder:  Nicaraguan?
  • Filler:  Nicaraguan?
  • Size:  6 x 46
  • Vitola:  Corona Gorda
  • MSRP: $16.50

Cigars purchased at Harbor Cigars in Destin, FL.



The Padron Black Label No. 89 TAA Natural has a lovely wrapper that looks like worn leather with is mocha brown, bumpy wrapper.  The simple black and gold band looks really nice with is raised lettering and, as a Saints fan, I really like the color choice.  After clipping the cap, I tested the draw which was perfect with that milkshake resistance I like.  I got notes of cedar, leather and slight nuttiness.


First Half

The Padron Black Label No. 89 TAA Natural starts off with a nice spice note that tingles the back of the palate.  The spice note reminds me of black pepper and is accompanied by leather, cashew and a hint of vanilla.  The black pepper is very strong on the retrohale, strong enough that I have to just retrohale it a little otherwise it makes my sinus sting.  The cigar is medium-full at the this point and is quite delicious.  The ash is slightly flaky and the burn is great.


Second Half

On the last half of the Padron Black Label No. 89 TAA Natural gets a little sweeter and less spicy.  I get notes of black pepper still, but it’s toned down.  I still get the cashew note as well, but a slight coffee note started near the end.  The vanilla note is there too, but it’s more muted as well and is more in the background.  It actually seems more well rounded on the last half.  The cigar is more full bodied past the halfway point.


Overall Impression

This cigar is stunning.  I’m a huge Padron fan so I knew I would love this one, but I didn’t think I would love this one as much as I do.  The natural, as I explained above, isn’t as popular as the maduro version, which is a shame.  This cigar is great with a nice blend of savory and sweet notes with a full body.  As I said, these are TAA releases so they are limited to TAA retailers so they will be a little harder to find.  That being said, it is well worth the hunt.  Luckily, I have two TAA shops near me so I plan on stocking up as much as I can and I suggest you do the same.


Final Score:  93


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