Camacho Distillery Edition Connecticut Toro

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Camacho Distillery Edition Connecticut Toro

Camacho released the Barrel Aged series in 2015 with tobacco aged in rum and bourbon barrels. The lines did so well, Camacho decided to do the same experiment with the Corojo, Connecticut, and Ecuadorian lines and age the corojo leaf in charred bourbon barrels. They are using the same blends, but are aging the tobacco for a longer time to make the cigar smoother.

  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Binder: Honduran Corojo
  • Filler: 6 month barrel-aged corojo from Honduras and the Dominican Republic
  • MSRP: $9.25
  • Vitola: Toro


Camacho Distillery Edition Connecticut Toro has a beautiful golden wrapper with minimal veining and a very well applied cap. The draw is perfect with just the right amount to resistance to allow it to burn perfectly. I get notes of hay, a slight spice note, and some nuttiness. 

First Half

I get notes of honey, vanilla, pecans, black pepper, cedar and a hint of sweet cream.  On the retrohale, I got more of the black pepper and a hint of the vanilla note. The burn is pretty wavy, but the draw is great. The cigar is medium bodied and medium-full in flavor. 

Last Half

The cigar is less sweet and more spicy on the last half. I got notes of cedar, pepper, but just a hint of the vanilla and pecan nutty note. The retrohale is most just black pepper now as well. The cigar is mostly medium-full now. 


I really enjoyed the Camacho Distillery Edition Connecticut. You can actually taste the difference that the charred bourbon oak barrels impart on the tobacco. You get a nice sweet vanilla flavor from the bourbon barrels that compliments the spicy notes from the corojo. The cigar was very smooth with a medium body that should appeal to most cigar smokers. There is a large segment of the cigar market dedicated to Connecticut cigars to it’s tough to stand out, but I throughly enjoyed what the bourbon barrels do to the tobacco adding a nice complement of flavors. I think I will be adding these to my rotation.

Final Score: 91


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