Revisiting the El Rey Del Mundo

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Revisiting the El Rey Del Mundo

El Rey Del Mundo

At the Gilbertsville Cigar Factory, we’ve been having a slight problem. It has nothing to do with the shop – the trouble is with everyone’s favorite budget cigar. Over the past couple of months the supply of Charter Oak Maduro has stalled and word has been getting around that they may be back-ordered for some time.

This news has put some of the regulars on high alert for a suitable replacement. Personally, I think that is a tall order to fill thanks to the value of the Charter Oak lineup.

Last week I saw down in the lounge and one of the regulars asked me “Hey, have you tried the new one in there?” as he motioned to towards the humidor with his lit cigar. “That El Rey something or other…” at this point another of the regulars chimed in “The El Rey Del Mundo – Chris just got them in the other day”.

The old El Rel Del Mundo brings up a lot of fond memories – in fact, I think it was one of the very first 5-Packs I ordered from JR Cigar when I first got into the hobby. Back then I probably would have described it as a Full Bodied Monster that shouldn’t be attempted before a hearty dinner.

I don’t know if the cigar or the times have changed but all these years later, as I smoke my first one in years, I’m finding the El Rey Del Mundo to be very tame. It is Medium Bodied at best and I think it may be best described as Monotone. It isn’t to say that this is a bad cigar – it burns and smokes beautifully. It is just… boring…

I know what you are thinking “But Walt, the Charter Oak isn’t very exciting either!”

I agree, the Charter Oak isn’t an exciting cigar with lots of twists and turns. I also find it to be a bit Monotone, however, it has a little something about it. I’m not sure how to describe it really – it just has a bit of character that presents itself from time to time to break the monotony.

To circle back to the El Rey Del Mundo – I think it is an excellent value. It provides ample smoke, is constructed well, and fits in just about anywhere in the day due to its medium body and smooth finish. You just need to know what you are getting – a smoke that changes very little from start to finish.

Ask The Readers:
When was the last time you smoked the El Rey Del Mundo?
How do you think it has held up over the years?

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3 thoughts on “Revisiting the El Rey Del Mundo

  1. One of my first box purchases was the ERdM Robusto Suprema. I remember a fairly strong cigar but one that at the same time had a degree of smoothness and richness that I enjoyed. Those particular cigars had ridiculously oily wrappers too. Not long after, a box of ERdM Coronas (nat). Those were among the sweetest cigars I’ve ever had. Then there was a long break. ERdM Plantations from an auction win at JR. Remarkable flavor for such a skinny cigar … must’ve been the wrapper. I had a batch of the Double Coronas about 5 years ago. They were a favorite at the time. Just a good mellow smoke. Again, smooth. No, I wouldn’t say strong … maybe mild-med finishing a good medium. Dangit I bought some of the DCs last year, and they are not doing it for me. This batch seems harsh. Maybe they need more time. I also snagged some more of the Robusto oscuro and Robusto Supremas and, while milder than what I remember, they were still rich and smooth. So for me, it’s still mostly positive. Could it be a consistency thing? Variation in crops? If I consider the flavor most basically as an outline rather than something fleshed out with a ton of detail, I think it’s still within the range of what it was. But, as always, YMMV, as they used to say

  2. El Rey has been in my rotation for at least 10 years
    I’ve tired of J R but still have some ElRey left and will have to work to find a better rotation cigar

  3. It’s a bit pricey but the El Rey del Mundo Flor de Llaneza is a pretty good smoke and less monotone than many other El Ray’s.

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