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Road Show Interview with Jon Huber of Crowned Heads

In September, I was lucky enough to meet up with our friend, Jon Huber of Crowned Head Cigars, during one of their Roadshow events that happened to be at one of my local shops, Harbor Cigars, in Destin, FL.  The event was standing room only with great cigars, great deals, and great food and drinks.  […]

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Gurkha Vintage Selection Shaggy Toro

When I was writing up last week’s Week In Smoke, I was a little surprised to discover we have never reviewed the Gurkha Vintage Selection Shaggy. I know it’s a cigar that I’ve talked about with people a number of times over the years, and people have had generally positive things to say about it. […]

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AVO 90th Classic Covers

I’m a couple weeks late, but I’d like to start off this review by saying Happy Birthday, Avo! 90 is an incredible accomplishment- someone needs to ask Avo what the secret is to immortality, because I think he has it, both literally and figuratively. This week I take a look at volume three in the […]

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Henry Clay Tattoo

This week I have selection for you that’s probably a little surprising: the Henry Clay Tattoo. Surprising in that it’s a limited edition that hit the markets last year, around six months ago at this point. I have a couple of reasons for reviewing it now. The first and foremost is convenience. I was working […]

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La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición 111 Aniversario

I had started working on a Week In Smoke for this week, but as I was drinking my coffee, a blend from Counter Culture called Apollo, a thought occurred to me- I’ll bet the Puro Vintage I smoked last week would go pretty well with it. So I dropped my pen (or keyboard), grabbed one, […]

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Tatuaje Monster Series The Hyde

The spooky season is upon us, and I just happened to pick up a few of this year’s Tatuaje Monster Series The Hyde. Now ordinarily, I’d set these rarities to the side in the humidor and light one up in about a month (or three), but I thought it’d be fun to light one up […]

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