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Events IPCPR 2019

IPCPR 2019: Complete Digest

And now, our coverage of IPCPR 2019 is complete. We hope you have enjoyed the videos. As is tradition, here is our complete list of interviews for your convenience. Enjoy! Now it’s time to get back to our regular cigar review programming. Have a fine weekend and a fine cigar!


IPCPR 2017: Complete Digest

At long last, the marathon of IPCPR 2017 coverage is complete. It took a little longer than expected to get them all posted, but then, we filmed a few more interviews than we did last year. About a dozen more, in fact. That included a big expansion of videos covering products (and topics) related to, […]

Stogie Accessories

Product Review: Cigar Oasis Excel with Smart Humidor

I have a little something different for you this week- a long overdue review of the Cigar Oasis Excel. If you are not familiar with the product, it’s an electronic humidification device that releases moisture into the air when the humidity dips below a percentage that you specify. Pretty straightforward, right? The device Cigar Oasis […]

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