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Regius Seleccion Orchant Limited Edition Robusto

I’m pretty happy to be doing this review.  The Regius Black Label is one of my favorite cigar lines and I heard that Akhil Kapacee teamed up with Mitchell Orchant of Alfie Turmeaus Tobacconist in 2014 to release special editions bearing Orchant’s name, Regius Seleccion Orchant.  Released originally in a robusto size and also in a […]

Reviews Top Cigars of the Year

Ben’s Top 10 Cigars of the Year

Every year I try to get my top 10 cigars of the year out before Christmas and every year I never seem to make it. Better late than never I guess. This year, I was thinking how easy it would be to come up with 10 cigars because I was thinking there wasn’t much that came […]

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