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Welcome to my review of the Regius cigar. I have had these for a while but I did not want to break up the series review I was doing so I got to them as quick as I could.

This cigar is a robusto size (4 7/8X50) and I was gifted these from the manufacturer for review purposes. This cigar is available in three other sizes but I think only 2 of the others are available in the USA. Here is a link to their website with the list of the sizes and description From what I have found online, MSRP seems to be $6.00 – $10.00 depending on size. I will also say that these are hard to find right now in the USA. I imagine distribution will ramp up and will be more readily available at your local B&M soon.

Starting off with a nice spice with nutty and leather tastes intermingled. Starts off at about a medium body.

After a few puffs the smoke starts feeling a bit heavy on the palette and the spice is a bit rough on the back of the throat for me. Even with this, the retrohale is not unpleasant at all and actually has a bit of a sweetness to it. Honestly, I thought it would be rough but it was very enjoyable.

Still in the first inch and the power has ramped up to a low full by now.

Hitting the second third and the cigar is really shining at this point. All of the flavors are coming together and is making it a great tasting cigar. At this point the cigar is back down to a medium body from the ramp up earlier but the spice is still on the stronger side with a touch of sweetness in it on the palette and the retrohale now.

Final third has definitely gone back to full body and has brought a woody and dark coffee taste while removing the leather and nutty tastes from earlier. Spice is still on the stronger side and the sweetness has almost gone totally away.

Would I buy it again? Yes! I was actually shocked by how much I enjoyed this cigar. I thought the full body would turn me off but the tastes just kept it so enjoyable, I kept wanting more. If the MSRP I found is correct and the robusto is at $7, I think it will do very nicely once they ramp up distribution in the USA.

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4 thoughts on “Regius

  1. Palette is a flat oval boardl for holding oil paints. Palate is in the roof of your mouth. Think Pal Ate. Top misspelled word on Stogie Review.

  2. Gileon brings up a great point which is palate. I can’t tell you the number of tea I misspell such a simple word 🙂

    Ok, that done I can say the cigar sounds a bit over priced. There is a lot of competition in that price range and I wish them well as it sounds like a wonderful cigar but there are a lot of wonderful cigars in that price range. Perhaps they will do fine since they are new but what we need is that caliber cigar in the four dollar range.

    My two cents 🙂

  3. …smoked this yesterday after it was gifted to me…I liked this cigar…nice looking robusto, nice feel, smoked well, flavor came through, the price is right…what have things to when we complain that a seven dollar cigar should be four dollars…I will buy and enjoy tis cigar again…

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