La Escepcion – Series V – 2004

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La Escepcion – Series V – 2004

La Escepcion

Here are the details:

Origin: Honduras
Length: 6.12
Ring: 50
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Connecticut
Filler: Honduras/Nicaragua

A little bit of history about La Escepcion. They are an old cuban named cigar by Jose Gener who also registered the Hoyo De Monterrey line. Each series of La Escpcion is limited to 150,000. The series re-started in 1999 and has become a yearly favorite. The Series V is the first series to go to a Connecticut wrapper. Previously the wrapper was from Ecuador. Since 2003, Estelo Padron moved production to Honduras to be made with his Hoyo De Monterrey line.

Purchased a handful of these sticks a few weeks back on the recommendation of my cigar buddy Nas who works at my local JR Cigars store. This particular cigar I smoked had been sitting in my humidor since 02/28/06.

You will notice the association with the Hoyo De Monterrey line as soon as you remove the cigar from the celo. The dark oily wrapper has an initial spicey sweetness when you first place it in your mouth.

Experienced no problems with the cut and the initial draws had an earthiness and floral tastes to it. After the initial draws the complexity of the cigar really challenges your taste buds. The first 1/3 of the cigar gave a nice rich chocolate flavor with a bit of spice you could feel in the back of your throat and on your tongue. The second 1/3 is really where the build up of spice on your tongue and back of your throat start to pick up a bit of steam. This part gave off the best smelling smoke challenging the senses. On one hand you have the spicey, peppery taste going on in your mouth but the aroma still had the sweet creamy chocolate in the air. The last 1/3 of the cigar, did become a bit bitter. All the sweet tastes faded fast and you’re left like you’re eating a handful of bitter chocolate chips. Its around this time that I swear I started tasting bits of leather and cedar. Maybe those flavors had been there all along just overshadowed by the sweet spicey notes early on. Something to keep in mind when I smoke the remaining.

Had no problems with the cigar going out. I did leave it resting for an extended time so its natural that it would go out. Even with the relighting, the cigar was smooth and burned even all throughout.

All in all, I’m glad Nas knows my tastes so well. Between this and the Carlos Torano Signature line he got me hooked on, my palette has been overwhelmed.


3 thoughts on “La Escepcion – Series V – 2004

  1. 2 years ago when visiting the JR store, was allowed to try one of these babies: memorably good, but I was told that the years allotment was sold out. When the 2006 model appeared I purchased 2 of the 30count sampler boxes. One of my favorite smokes, though I have found the “torpedo” size inferior to the 2 other sizes, the color and texture of the wrapper is noticably different.

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