Cigar Purchase: Punch Rare Corojo

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Cigar Purchase: Punch Rare Corojo

Punch Rare Corojo Pita

If you know me, you know I love Punch cigars. If there is such a thing as a “Cigar Heaven” these cigars would be waiting for me there cause these are the cigars that I could smoke for an eternity.

I’ll save the history lesson for when I publish a review. But this is a yearly cigar, usually only available during the summer months. From October till late January I smoked this every time I went to my local JR Cigars shop. Sadly, the well at JR’s finally went dry. I purchased a five pack of the Pita size (6 1/8″ x 50) from Cigars International for $25.50 ($20.50 for the cigars and $5.00 for shipping). I figure I’ll keep 2-3 in the humidor to age and enjoy one day in the future. The others, I’ll smoke as soon as I can. I swear the hardest part of cigar smoking is resisting the urge to smoke everything you have.


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