Gurkha – Class Regent

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Gurkha – Class Regent

Length: 6.00

Ring Gauge: 50

Strength: Bold – Heavy

Wrapper: Havana 2000

Binder: Indonesian

Filler: Cuban Ligero, Dominican Piloto


In my last review I made mention that I ordered a ten pack of cigars from Cigars International. The review I’m posting now is for the other cigar in that pack. The Gurkha Regent.


I went through with the same precautions as always to try and get the most out of the cigar. The first thing I noticed about this cigar was its odd shape. The Gurkha Regent is square pressed, but is very thin on one side. It looks more rectangular than anything. The shape made for an odd feel in the hand, as well in the mouth. The shape took a little getting used to, but I never totally felt comfortable with it.


Right from the start this cigar just smelled amazing. The smoke lingering in the air was a treat. The smoke raising off the cigar was light but potent. The aroma filled the room while the smoke in the air stayed to a minimum.


The flavor of the cigar was a little disappointing. I didn’t have a single flavor change throughout the cigar. It slowly got stronger as I smoked it, but that was likely due to the smoke collecting at the tip of the cigar.


Throughout the entire cigar, it smoked very smooth. The only flavor I tasted was sort of an oak barrel type taste with a bit of spiciness. The spice was just enough to give me that tingle in the back of my throat and sinuses.


To sum up the review, I was disappointed by this one. I’ve been looking forward to smoking a Gurkha for some time now and this one just didn’t live up to the hype.


My score sheet can be reviewed below.

79 out of 100

enjoying cigars since 2005

11 thoughts on “Gurkha – Class Regent

  1. Interesting that this cigar didn’t rate so well considering this is Gurkha’s #3 line of cigars after the Grand Reserve and Master Select lines.

    Cigar Aficionado Rating = 89/100

  2. I seem to associate Gurkha’s with good quality and such but that shouldn’t make everyone follow aficionado’s ratings like lemmings. Keep up the good work.

  3. Just smoked my last one of these tonight.

    Im really not into this cigar. It has a distinct taste that i cant put my finger on. I really think its one of those, love it or hate it sticks.

    For me, i just hate it 🙁

  4. I Agree with Walt, this cigar is one to pass on. It gives you a hint of sweetness when you first draw on it, but the heaviness does linger throughout. The odd shape bothered me as well. You feel like you’re smoking a cigar that got crushed and was half-assed reshaped into a square.

  5. Couldn’t disagree more on many levels. My only guess is you smoked the, thin churchill, which doesn’t compare to the toro or, my favorite, the torpedo. The “odd” rectangular shape you refer to is what’s known as “box pressed,” not a new practice or a feature unique to Gurkha. Anything but simple, this complex cigar starts off strong almost bitter. After the first inch it is incredibly smooth and rich, chocolaty and nutty. Well constructed with a perfect draw. An absolute delight and my favorite of the Gurkha line. rite of the Gurkha line so far.

  6. It is interesting how a few years can change a brand, I got a great deal on a sampler and the regent was the best of the pack. I had the Toro and must agree with Sirvice that after a few puffs this cigar mellows quite nicely to offer a blend of balanced smoke and flavor. Don’t pass up this cigar, at least give one a try!

  7. I see I’m the first review in almost a year. Just lit up mine for the first time and my eyes lit up immedately. Had to check online to see what others thought and when I saw this first few reviews I was amazed. I whole heartedly must agree with Sirvice and Nick on this one. Nice full body yet doesnt knock you on your butt like an Opus does. This carried me. I will agree with Walt that it does have a taste I can’t put my finger on. Probably a great smoke long forgotten about from years gone by. I won’t forget this time.

  8. Just had one of these tonight. Epic! Cubanesque leathery twang, with a little spice. I should note that mine had sat in the ‘dor for a couple of years, and I’ve found with other Gurkhas this is a BIG help. Great smoke though. Almost as good as the Titan, the only other Gurkha I’ve ever liked.

  9. Smoking one now, listening to Sublime and crickets chirping on the front porch. I can’t say anything bad about this stick, aside from some canoeing at the onset, which a little spit fixed. It’s not remarkable by any stretch, either, just a good, solid smoke. Walt, I don’t hate it or love it, it’s just there. It’s just an unassuming cigar that is getting a bit more interesting as I get near the band. It seems every sampler has it’s prerequisite Gurkha, and the Regent is the one I got with this Black Friday CI order. I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to pick up another one, but wouldn’t turn it down if one was handed to me.

    1. Picked up a five pack on CBid for 11.00. A little spice a little creamy-nice smoke. A little over two bucks for a 6.5 X 52 torpedo with some nice flavors-feels like a good deal to me Tried a single at a local BM for $9 bucks awhile back. For $9 it was a decent smoke–for $2 it was awesome.
      Suddenly got the urge to throw in stand by your van

  10. On my back deck smoking a torpedo and while it is an ok smoke it does lack complexity and not a lot of flavor. I have smoked other Gurkha and was not impressed. Not real bad cigars and would be great golf course smoke

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