Subscription to Cigar Magazine

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Subscription to Cigar Magazine

About two weeks ago I was driving to all the local cigar shops in my area to try and find the latest issue of Cigar Magazine. I didn’t have any luck finding it and ended up borrowing a friends copy. After all the hassle I decided that I should just go ahead and order a subscription.

I jumped on the website and saw what i thought was a good deal. I picked up a 2 year subscription (8 issues) for 19.80 along with the subscription they sent me a free Colibri cigar lighter. I put the lighter to good use over the weekend and I am really happy with it. I used to use a triple flame cheapo butane torch to light my sticks. The main problem with this was i went through fuel way too fast. The new lighter uses one flame and seems to be much hotter than the three flames I get with the other. I highly recommend picking up the lighter, I don’t think you will be disappointed. If your into Cigar Magazine, pick up a two year subscription and get the lighter for free.

You can check out the info by going to Cigar

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  1. These are solid lighters. Just don’t do what I do and continuously flip the top cause eventually it will just fall off. I have a silver one and black one. I think Ghosty uses his black one full time. I always wanted to invest in a premium lighter but knowing me I’d lose it.

  2. This is my first decent lighter. I really like the new Figuardo lighter by Colibri. JR has it on thier site. Looks really cool, but It’s the same for me, I’m afraid I’ll loose it.

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