Montecristo Afrique – Uhuru

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Montecristo Afrique – Uhuru


Origin: Dominican Republic
Length: 5.00
Ring: 47
Strength: Medium-Full
Wrapper Color: Medium Brown (E)
Wrapper Type: Cameroon
Binder: ECU
Shape: Parejo


Yesterday I was in the mood for a cigar. I had been running in and out of the house all day and I just wanted to kick back and relax. I opened up the Humidor and it was a toss up. It was either going to be the Montecristo Afrique or a Romeo y Jullieta – Aniversario. On a whim I picked up the Montecristo and vastly enjoyed this cigar.


I purchased a five pack of these smokes from JR back in Feb. This was my last one, and I think that the two months of aging put this cigar over the top. It was much different than I remember the last ones being. Here is how it went.


I pulled the cigar out of the cellophane sheath if came in and took some time to look over it. It was slightly veiny but attractive. The cigar was firm yet pliable between the fingers. This cigar smelled very rich inviting. My plug cutter cut a beautiful plug with no cracking or splitting in the cap.


Upon lighting there was a vibe from this cigar that made you feel as though it was going to be a good cigar. The initial draw was very light and flavorful. The resting smoke emitting from the foot was nice and light.


The first couple of puffs were kind of tricky. The aroma of the cigar was almost woodsy while the taste was sweet and totally different from what I was expecting from the smell. The smoke exiting from my mouth left a sweet taste on my lips that was nice. I’ve never had this before.


As I moved on down the cigar the flavors became more and more subtle. After about an inch and a half, the flavors were sort of soft on the pallet. They sort of rolled on then rolled clean off the pallet as you blew out the smoke.


At around the half way point of the cigar there were slight hints of pepper that complimented the smooth initial tastes of the cigar. From the start the burn rate was nice and slow with a perfect burn. The ash was firm and what I would describe as a bright grey ash.


The flavors started to evolve some more as I continued to smoke. At this point I was getting sweet smells in my sinuses as I blew the smoke out of my nose. The pepper flavor on my pallet was starting to pick up a bit and I was now getting what tasted like black coffee.


All of the initial flavors started to subside and there was now a distinct pepper flavor on my pallet that was quiet good. The build up to this was very enjoyable. The burn rate was still good as well as the ash. By now there was only about an inch of the cigar left. I continued to smoke it until I could no longer hold it.


The worst part of this cigar was when it was time to let it go out. It was so enjoyable that I just couldn’t get myself to put it down and walk away. I smoked this cigar for just over an hour and a half. I don?t know if it was just the atmosphere or the fact that I was looking forward to a good cigar all day, but this stick was an absolute joy to smoke and I would highly recommend it as a late afternoon early evening smoke.


Rating Sheets:

Rating Sheet – 93/100

Rating Sheet – 81/100


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7 thoughts on “Montecristo Afrique – Uhuru

  1. The Afrique is one of my least favorite smokes and considering it has a Cameroon wrapper (which is my favorite wrapper). I’m glad you enjoyed it…now I know who to send all the Afriques I get in the various sample packs I get.

  2. Don’t most Cameroons taste pretty light? The Afrique line is very full bodied in comparison to the Torano 1916s for example. If you expect the Torano taste in your Cameroon then of course this cigar will disappoint. Personally, I like Maduros and this cigar was better than most of those that I’ve had in terms of it’s sheer intensity.

  3. You’re definitely right Liquidtensi0n…Cameroon wrappers are by nature on the light side so the filler will make all the difference.

    I think I’m in the minority on the Afrique. The majority of folks really like them.

  4. I smoked my first Afrique Jambo Jambo the other night and must say that I thought it was as close to perfect as it could be. Everyones tastes are different but for me this cigar rang true. Ever inch of this cigar left me longing for more. I could not agree with Walt more on this one. If you’re into cigars and want to try something that is truely different from many of the others give this one a go. JRcigars runs a good deal on these in five pack for $18. Since that first smoke this one has become my mistress. I am definately spending way to much time thinking about when we’ll get together again. It is worth a try, and if you find it’s not for you please send your extra’s my way;)

  5. I guess I’m on the outside with the Afrique. I’m not a big fan of them.

    JROCK – Bob & Dale over at the Dog Watch Social Club reviewed the Jambo Jambo in episode 78 of their podcast. Check it out if you haven’t. They really enjoyed it!

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