La Vieja Habana – Fuma

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La Vieja Habana – Fuma

Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Nic.
Filler: Nic
Length: 6.00
Ring Gauge: 54
Strength: Med.

Last night I decided that I was going to smoke one of the La Vieja Habana – Fumas given to me by TechX.

This was the Belicoso D size, which is a torpedo. The first thing I noticed was that the band was moving free on the cigar. I refer this because it means I do not have to worry about tearing the wrapper getting it off later. The wrapper was smooth and a very nice shade of brown. I cut the cigar and took a smell. The tobacco almost smelled minty.

I lit the cigar and began smoking. The cigar lit very well and burned evenly. The initial puff was very light and smooth. This cigar had a nice light draw that allowed the smoke to envelope the mouth.

After just a few minutes I noticed that the cigar was burning rather fast. I wasn’t picking up much of a change in flavor, even after reaching the half way mark.

With about two inches left in the cigar the burn rate really slowed down. Unfortunately the flavor began to turn harsh. I can only assume that this was due to the fast and hot burn rate of the cigar.

Some misc. things I noticed during the cigar were that I was getting bits of tobacco in my mouth while smoking. It seems that this cigar is short filler cigar and that was the reason. I was surprised and how decent the cigar was being made with short filler.

The most unappealing thing about this cigar was the band. The band is not bad looking but when you remove it, you will find an advertisement for drew estates on the inside. It is only my opinion, but I felt as though this was done in bad taste. I don’t want to pull the band off the cigar and find another advertisement.

All in all I think that this cigar is a great choice as a regular every day cigar. Its biggest flaws to me were the burn rate and the harsh flavor change. The burn rate could be slowed down a bit by keeping the RH a few percent higher than normal. I think that if this was done it would help with the overheating and back down any harshness you will pick up in the later stages of the cigar.

My review sheet can be found below.
Thanks again TechX, I appreciate the cigars. I hope you enjoy the ones I sent your way.

Rating Sheet: 75/100

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One thought on “La Vieja Habana – Fuma

  1. I have one of these that a store owner down here gave me. It is a losse cigar by feel. At first I said “your humidor is too wet, but it is just the sticks….alll of them. I went for robusto size. I do not expect it to be great even the cheap sticks seems to be $5 to $5.50 here and that one is $2.50. I wanted to ry a fumas, a leather patch and an “early days” just for fun. On the band all drew estates from natural, acid, ambrosia, La veija habana, industrial press anyway have the drew add and the slogan on the inside, but the band never tears the gar so that is nice. I’s bet the java and maybe kahlua have the add too. but for online deals of $1 a stick or less I may get a box if they are not too bad even if they are just give aways

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