Maria Mancini – Maduro

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Maria Mancini – Maduro


Origin: Honduras
Length: 6.00
Ring: 50
Strength: Medium-Full
Wrapper Color: Dark Brown (M)
Wrapper Type: Costa Rica
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua
Shape: Parejo
Square Pressed


In addition to the La Vieja, I also indulged in a Maria Mancini ? Maduro.

It’s been some time since I’ve had one of these. My first one was back when I first started smoking cigar and I remember hating it. I wanted to try another one because since I started smoking my tastes have changed dramatically.


Upon removing the cigar from its cellophane sheath I noticed a nice subtle pepper smell. This cigar smelled great and I was becoming really excited to try it. The wrapper was a nice deep brown color wrapped in a large but tasteful band that really set the mood.


This cigar had a square press shape that fit very well in the hand and mouth. I used my plug cutter to cut a plug and began smoking. The first few puffs were rather tight. I ended up re-cutting the cigar with a guillotine cutter to help with the draw.


The first puff had a nice smooth peppery flavor. Throughout the cigar this peppery flavor would accent the light sweetness in the cigar. The taste swayed from lightly peppery and sweet to lightly sweet with hints of pepper and spice.


This cigar lasted for around an hour and forty five minutes. The burn was nice and slow with a nice cool smoke. At the half way point the cigar had to be relit. After relighting I got an uneven burn that took about an inch of cigar to self correct.


At the seventy five percent mark, the cigar began to pick up in flavor. The subtle sweetness was now gone. I could taste more pepper with a spicy flavor was led to a nice finish.


I smoked this cigar all the way down to about a half inch long. This prompted my girlfriend to write in my notes “Smoked until I felt the burn on my fingertips.” The last few minutes of the cigar were the best part. This is the point of a cigar when the last thing you want to do is put it out.


This was a good overall cigar. My review sheet can be found below.


Review Sheet – 81/100

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  1. Maria Mancini deGaulle maduro is one of my standard smokes. An excellent cigar for the price, especially when aged a year or two. I love the maduro taste and creamyness, some spice & lots of chocolate hints in it.

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