Gurkha – Double Maduro

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Gurkha – Double Maduro

Size Name: Toro
Length: 6.00
Ring Gauge: 52
Strength: Full

I’ve been on a bit of a Maduro kick as of late, so sticking with the trend I decided to go with a Gurkha – Double Maduro. The wrapper on this stick stands out the most. The wrapper is an excellent deep brown that has a very appealing sheen.

I was going to use my trusty plug cutter on this one until I realized that the blade on my cutter had fallen out at some point. Because I didn’t have another plug cutter on me I used a v-cutter to slice the end. As soon as I put the cigar in my mouth to reach for my lighter I noticed an excellent sweet flavor on the cap. This was not the sweet taste I would associate with a flavored cigar, but rather a dense sweetness directly related to the Maduro wrapper.

The initial light on this cigar was excellent. I didn’t have any trouble getting an even light and burn out of this one. The draw was a bit firm but not as though it required a great deal of work to get an adequate amount of smoke. The initial puff was a blast of flavor. The flavor was very rich and creamy with a defined cocoa taste.

The first inch or so of this cigar started off with a good medium to full bodied flavor. The flavor slowly picks as you reach the half way point. When you get about half way finished the cigar, the strength starts to level out. Throughout the remainder of the cigar I was getting spicy and peppery flavors in addition to the cocoa flavors that stood out for most of the cigar.

When I hit the three quarters mark of the stick, it really went down hill. I was getting a very potent chemical flavor out of the cigar. Even with numerous attempts at purging I still couldn’t manage to shake this taste. I can only assume that this taste was due to this cigar being young, and having no age to it.

My plan is to let the remainder of these cigars sit a few weeks and check one out again in the future.

Overall I think that this cigar was excellent. Even with the bad flavor at the end I really enjoyed most of this Gurkha. This cigar does pick up alot in strength as you reach the half way mark, enough so that I do not think it would be the ideal cigar for someone who prefers cigars on the mild side of the medium spectrum. If your a fan of maduros I think this cigar is a must try.

My review sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 52.5/100

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3 thoughts on “Gurkha – Double Maduro

  1. I agree with the author except for the last third of the cigar going downhill. I enjoyed it from the very first puff until until the end. Very nice taste. I did notice a cinnamon flavor along with the cocoa. Overall, I was very surprised at the quality of this cigar.

  2. I agree with Russ, I love these Doble Maduros, which surpised me at first because I have never liked any of the Gurkhas I’ve tried. Very rich, balanced, and creamy, and so smooth that it doesn’t seem like it’s medium to full flavored. I smoke them down to the nub every time. Very similar to an Alex Bradley Ovation maduro with a bit more chocolate. If they were less expensive, they’d be my everyday smoke.

  3. Gurkha is one of my very favorite cigars. The Doble Maduro is right at the top of the list as one of my favorite Gurkhas. Very smooth and rich it is the essence of a maduro cigar. Holds a nice white ash like you would expect. They certainly do get better with age. If you like this cigar, the 5 vegas serie A is a close, more affordable suggestion.

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