Perdomo – Estate Selection

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Perdomo – Estate Selection


Length: 5.50
Ring Gauge: 48
Strength: Medium – Full

Thursday night I got home early from class and decided to have a quick smoke. After digging around in the cooler I found that I still had an entire five pack of Perdomo – Estate Selections left from a sampler I ordered last month. Being one of the few cigars I haven’t had from the sampler I ordered I decided to give it a shot.

The wrapper was nice and dark and the band was attractive. I pulled it from the cellophane and clipped it. The cut was smooth but to my surprise the rest of the cap just fell off. I didn’t think this was a big deal until I put it in my mouth and gave it a quick puff to check the draw. After checking the draw I found that the wrapper was coming unraveled. I just ignored it decided to be very careful with it and I would be ok.

The cigar lit easily and the first puff had a woodsy / smokey flavor. Kind of reminiscent of the aroma you get when you start a good camp fire. The flavor was almost exotic at first, but quickly became too much for me. By the time I was only about a half inch into the stick I was getting a very dry and harsh finish that I did not like at all.

I stuck with the cigar to see if I was going to get any flavor changes, but the heat seemed to loosen up the wrapper and now it was really coming undone. The draw was becoming very difficult due to the wrapper being in such bad condition.

The flavor never seemed to change, it was consistent but dry and harsh. When I reached the area of the band it came time to slip it off. The band was loose and came right off but as soon as it did, the wrapper completely fell apart. I was forced to let I go out. After it was out I gently started to pull back the wrapper to see how much of the wrapper was loose. To my amazement it just kept rolling off, before I knew it I had gone right past the binder and had a handful of tobacco filler.

I am hoping that all of the Perdomo sticks I have left will be much better than this one. I am going to do another review on this stick in the near future to see if I just happened to get a bad stick.

My review sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 52.5/100

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5 thoughts on “Perdomo – Estate Selection

  1. I’m hoping this was just a bad stick to. I had a couple of these a few years ago and they were great. I hope they haven’t taken a turn for the bad.

  2. Yeah, me too.

    Its a shame that everything happened like that, i really wanted to give it a better review, but you cant play with the numbers and make an honest review at the same time 🙁

    But like i said, ill give another one a shot in the near future and see if i get one thats better.

  3. Sounds like you had a skunked stogie. I expect to get one or two in a sampler pack, but you have 5 of the same in a sampler, so it’s likely they’re all in the same condition. Rest them in your humidor for a few more months and they might come back to life. They’ll probably never taste as good as if they were properly kept their entire lives, but they should be enjoyable.

  4. Jim,

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    About a month ago I had the last cigar of the 5 I had from several months ago. It was in a little better shape, but still fell apart in my hands.

    I think you are right on with all 5 being in the same condition because they came together. I think Ill try them again sometime in the future.

  5. Gee try again; I’ve had two now and they’ve just been perfect. Mild to medium, perfect burn,woodsy and smooth Phantom.

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