A. Turret – Corona

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A. Turret – Corona

Origin: San Adres Tuxtla, Mexico
Wrapper: Mexico
Filler: Mexico
Binder: Nicaragua
Length: 5.5
Ring Gauge: 44
Strength: Medium

I picked up an A. Turret Corona the last time I was up to my local B&M. I read a few reviews that had high regards for this cigar, so I thought I would give it a try.

During my pre light inspection I looked over the cigar and found it to be rather veiny and lumpy. I noticed this when I purchased the cigar, but this one was no different from the rest of the box, or the descriptions I’ve read by other reviewers. The texture of the cigar was dry and soft.

I cut the end of the cigar and checked the pre light draw. The draw was very loose even with a plug cutter. I began the lighting process and got underway.

The first puff produced a massive amount of smoke that just seemed to fill the room. The flavor was woodsy with a harsh aftertaste that just lingered on my pallet. After a few puffs the body of the cigar mellowed out a bit.

The smoke in the first portion of the stick was very thick and heavy. The aroma of the smoke matched the harsh woodsy flavor I was getting from the cigar. The burn was slow and produced a brittle ash. When the ash was about three quarters of an inch long it fell off of the cigar and landed in my lap making a mess. The ash stayed like this for the remainder of the cigar.

At about the mid point of the cigar the flavor mellowed out and the harsh flavor eased up. At this point the cigar was quite nice. There were off and on hints of salt as well as pepper.

When it came time to remove the band I had to be careful not to damage the wrapper as it was really stuck. I had to wait until the heat from the foot of the cigar loosened the glue in order to get it free. After a few careful tugs on the band I got it to pop loose and slide off.

Beyond the band the flavor began to get much stronger. At this point the harshness came back as well as an ammonia flavor that is common in cigars that are produced too young. I ended up putting this cigar out with over an inch left to smoke, which is very uncommon for me, but the flavors became too overwhelming and I could no longer enjoy the cigar.

My rating sheet can be found below:

Review Sheet: 71/100

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3 thoughts on “A. Turret – Corona

  1. Yes these definitely need to be re-reviewed because I’ve smoked quite a few of these and they weren’t harsh at all. Oh and it’s A. Turrent not A. Turret. He just released an all maduro cigar called the Triple Play which is very good and he also just released another cigar where he teamed up with Omar Ortez called Dos Familias by Ortez y Turrent. I have not tried that one yet but I hear it’s good. I really enjoy the work you do on the reviews keep up the good work Walt !

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