Padron – Delicias

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Padron – Delicias

Origin: Esteli, Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size Name: Delicias
Length: 4.875
Ring Gauge: 46
Strength: Medium

Last night after a disappointing first cigar I went looking through my humidor for something to treat myself with. When I saw the Padron – Delicias I had recently picked up from my local B&M, I decided that would be the one to cap off the night.

The visual of this cigar is very straight forward. The band is simple and the wrapper is attractive, overall it is very inviting.

The band almost slipped completely off when removing the cellophane. The cigar had a firm feel to it as well as an oily sheen on the wrapper. I decided to go with my plug cutter when cutting the cigar, which produced a clean east cut. The pre light draw was excellent.

I lit the cigar with no trouble at all. I got an immediate even light and flawless burn. The first puff produced lots of smoke and flavor. The flavor base was a distinct Nicaraguan flavor with hints of bitter chocolate and coffee. This combination of flavor was very appealing to me.

As I smoked the cigar the burn was even and produced a light resting smoke. The ash was firm while light grey color.

As I smoked through the cigar the base flavor was very consistent and the chocolate and coffee flavors stayed throughout the cigar. The overall body was medium with a light and complex smoke that never lingered on the pallet.

I as smoked my way to about an inch and a half of cigar remaining, the flavor began to pick up and become fuller. The gradual increase in flavor, in combination with the smoothness of the cigar made for an excellent finish.

For me, I think that this cigar was an excellent choice to end the night. Give one a try sometime, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

On a side note, when I removed the band I found a faint signature on the back side. I found this to be a simple yet classy touch to the experience as a whole.

My rating sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 90.5/100

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4 thoughts on “Padron – Delicias

  1. This has become one of my favorite smokes. I can rely on Padron for consistently smooth performance.

  2. I enjoyed one of these last night!

    That rich chocolate odour wafting from the foot was very intriguing. It’s the most inticing unlit cigar aroma I’ve had the pleasure of inhaling. I would have been sorely disappointed if the actual smoke did not reflect the smell.

    I agree, very consistent flavor. However, I did wish the flavor lingered and evolved in the mouth rather than dissipating. That would have made the experience ideal for me.

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